Should you enter a fully-automated UFO that lands in your front yard with its landing ramp open?

  • Yes, I think you should enter a full-automated UFO that lands in your front yard with it's ramp open.

    I think that would be something that nobody has ever experienced and you would be witnessing something great, I think it would be worth the risk to see what is inside the UFO and where the UFO would take you, so overall I would say yes you would regret it if you didn't enter the UFO.

  • Yes, I would.

    I think I would have to enter the UFO, because this would be a real case of curiosity killing the cat. I've been wanting to see an advanced form of life from another planet as long as I have been alive, so I would have to go ahead and see what's inside.

  • Yes, seize the opportunity

    If you have the opportunity to go off in a UFO and you pass it by, how could you live with yourself? Wouldn't you wonder for the rest of your life what you'd missed? You couldn't squander a chance to partake in the greatest adventure any human ever had. I would jump at the chance.

  • yes you should

    yes, if this does happen to land in your yard, then you need to go up in it just to see what is going to be on the other side and to see what we are going to be dealing with here on the earth once more of them come.

  • You Probably Shouldn't

    I'm going to say that more than likely it would be a bad idea to enter a fully-automated UFO that lands in your front yard with its landing ramp open. However, if I were to experience this, I would be on that ship in two seconds flat. Curiosity may have killed the cat but I really don't care, that's far to interesting to miss.

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