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  • No! If you're sick, stay home!

    No one wants to work with a sick colleague. If you're sick, and contagious, do yourself and all your work mates a favor, and stay home. This would be done more often if all employers offered paid sick time. The fact is, some people can't afford to lose that day's pay, so they come to work sick.

  • Stay Home If You're Sick

    Sick people should stay home instead of going to work. They are less productive due to their sickness and they are most likely wasting their time. Also, you run the risk of spreading germs to others and getting your co-workers sick. Going to work sick has more cons than pros.

  • No, you should not.

    Employers should be more sympathetic to ill workers. When a person is sick, they are unable to perform as well as they should and put their co-workers at risk of catching their illness. Not only are co-workers at risk of catching their illness, customers the ill worker may come into contact with are at risk, as well. Working while sick also increases the time it takes to get recover from illness.

  • You should think of yourself first.

    If you are sick, we should not go to work so that we can rest our body. It is good to ask permission to our boss or who is priority. We should understand that it is important to keep our body healthy. If you keep on working while you are sick, it may increase your chance of sickness and most of all we should go see the doctor.

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