• You have the right to your medical records

    I believe that patients have the right to their own medical records. First of all, it's your body. Second of all, it's your data. And, third of all, if you don't have access to your records it could make it difficult for people to switch doctors. If people do not have access to their records they don't have the ability to make sure they are getting the best care possible.

  • Yes, we should have access to our own medical records.

    I definitely think that people should have access to their own medical records even if it is kept in a digital database. I think that such a thing would be really beneficial and something that patients would really like. People should be able to access their medical records as easily as doctors do.

  • They are yours.

    Yes, you should have access to your own electronic medical records, because you should always know what other people are saying about your own records. If there are mistakes, or if there are problems with identity, there could be catastrophic consequences. It is important that we can review our own records.

  • Patients should have access to their own electronic medical records.

    In years past, the concern with letting patients have unrestricted access to their own paper medical records was that they would change something in the record, possibly making future treatment more difficult or gaining access to unneeded medications. However, with electronic medical records, there are none of those concerns, because a patient can be allowed to view their records, without the opportunity to alter those records. This can be helpful to the patient, so that they can remind themselves of past diagnoses, and have a better understanding of their own conditions and potential treatments.

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