• Its called self-defence

    Its when if a black guy or a muslim approaches you and tries to blow themselves up or shoot you to death, you get out your super-amazing Minimum and shoot them in the ASS so many times, THEY DIE before you get shot, if you disagree you basically agree with murder

  • Yes You Should

    Everyone should have the right to carry a firearm if they choose to do so. For safety and many other different reasons. I honestly don't see a problem with it. It should be fine as long as a person is of age and is able to pass a background check to acquire the gun.

  • If the gun had a gun that was two guns we'd be safer

    Enough of this garbage. The reason people argue that they need guns to defend themselves is because we already have so many of the damn things out on the streets. More of them is just enhancing the problem we caused in the first place. Guns are devices designed to kill things efficiently, being able to kill things efficiently is not how you make things safer.

  • No, firearms are dangerous and unsafe.

    I think it is about time we have a second look at this issue of gun laws. Is it really okay to let everyone who fits the requirements to buy these deadly weapons have one? Is it really okay to see all these shootings and not do something about it? Human lives are precious, and firearms are too quick and too permanent. In five seconds a person can get angry and shoot someone, and spend twenty years in prison, and the victim could face serious complications, such as organ damage, psychological trauma, intense pain, other issues which can also cause death.

  • No, not unless you're in law enforcement.

    No, I don't think the average citizen should have the right to carry a firearm in public. It's dangerous and not needed. There are many countries that have very stringent gun control laws, and their citizens manage to live their lives and walk the streets without being gunned down. The same thing could easily work in the United States.

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