Should you have to have a license to have a child?

  • It is fair

    There are so many kids suffering right now from abuse, neglect and depression. Yes, sometimes depression might not be caused by the parent but sometimes it is. And some parents cannot even afford to have a child, I mean how is that going to be fair for the child's future.

  • Time to get educated on The First Five...

    I would surmise that the people voting against license for becoming a parent have very little education on the importance of understanding or at least being educated about basic childhood development. I think there is a fear that people asking for licensure are asking for control over the parenting. For me the issue is making sure parents understand HOW MUCH influence they have over the life long development of their child during the first five years of life. If you are against licensing I suggest to read some stories about our overburdened social welfare system, and the real need of our underserved children. It is not a money issue it is an education and ability to provide the basic needs consistent safe home environment, consisting loving trusting relationship with an adult, consistent nutritional meals.... Shocking how many children grow up without these basic needs... Or maybe not so shocking when you look at how many people we have in JAIL!!!

  • You should have a license to have a child.

    You should have a license to have a child. Too many people these days are having children when they are children themselves. There needs to be a test that gauges whether or not some one is ready to bring a child in this world, because teenage pregnancy needs to stop.

  • Yes, you should have license because you should be deemed responsibe enough.

    Many people have children but cannot take care of them well, either because of unfortunate circumstances or they are neglectful or even abusive. To avoid these situations people should have to have a license that decides whether they are financially and morally able to raise children. Obviously some people have children when they were not planning to, but most do so voluntarily.

  • They should not

    Because there are some birth defects where a teenager will give birth to a pie, and why should we stop this, pie is the one thing that our nation needs at this time when the economy is failing this is the reason that I support not having a license so that we can have teenage birth defects

  • No, I do not support the claim that one needs to have a license to have a child.

    Having a child is a basic human right and human rights do not need to be justified by a license. Humans should be allowed to choose what to do with their bodies and should be able to choose whether or not to have children.

    It would be difficult to come up with the criteria one needs to meet to have a child. There are multiple ways to parent a child, each having it's own strengths and drawbacks. If such criteria were written, how would one test it's reliability? In other words, how do we know which parents and which conditions will raise the perfect child?

    Lastly, the circumstances under which the child is living are constantly changing. Although parents meet a set of criteria today, in a few years the circumstances may change (a sudden death of one spouse, illness ext). Will the parents then be forced to give up their child?

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