Should you invest in the stock market instead of paying off your student loans?

  • Investing versus paying the student loan off will get you farther!

    This questions gets a resounding YES from me. Student loans are able to be paid at minimum. The smartest thing a new graduate can do is invest. Investing is a sure-fire way to grow your portfolio and secure a better future. Many new graduates do not realize the benefits of this.

  • Pay off your debt before gambling on the stock market

    The typical stock market investor shouldn't be an individual who has student loans and has trouble paying off their debt. Since the commitment of educations came with the loan, gambling money away instead of paying as promised is not only irresponsible, but childish. The stock market has no guarantees and people who have load already invested in their future.

  • No, I believe in paying off the loan rather than investing thiose money in stock market.

    From a student's point of view I believe loan should be paid off than risking those money in stock market. A loan is a big financial burden which should be paid off as fast as possible. Investing money in stock market involves risk of losing them which may further increase the burden resulting in financial burden.So I think only after student loan is completely paid off you can invest in the stock market.

  • No, you should not invest in the stock market instead of paying off your student loans

    Investing in the stock market is almost never a sure thing: with as much turbulence in the world the way it is right now, one can never know what unexpected events might disrupt the global economy or a particular economic sector in the future. You could lose all your money in one fell swoop, and then you would surely be wishing that you had paid off your student loans instead.

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