• Just not all of it

    Invest some of it, but not all of it. Make sure even in the worst case scenario you'll still have enough money left. The worst that can happen is the stocks you bought become worthless. They will not incur negative value, they can only go down to zero. So long as your stocks could all completely tank and you'd still have enough money left you're good.

  • you should invest

    Yes I do agree that you should invest at least some of your money. Lots of things are becoming successful and you have the chance to be a part of it and make some money your self off of investing in it. You can always use some extra money to do it.

  • You should save your money.

    It is safer to save money rather than invest it. Investing is good if you have extra money and wouldn't be hurt badly if you lose it, but there is risk involved in investing. Saving money is safer because you know you will have access to it at a later time.

  • No, you should not invest your money.

    The problem with investing your money is you are helping perpetuate a corrupt, racist, and soul- destroying system. The hope that someday you can strike it rich is what makes so many people less compassionate than they would be. It's also what makes people willing to put up with the tyranny of government and business. Saving your money is a better choice.

  • No guarantee where your money will be invested

    Too many people have been victims of poor investments with mismanaged portfolios. Even pensions these days give back less than they paid in.The best thing to invest in is a home that you can at least use or pass onto your family. With several banks being caught for insider trading and some that have collapsed, you don't actually know where your money is being invested and could lose it all without actually knowing.

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