• Yes I would join

    Because it is very helpful to kids and teens from 12 up to the age of 18. I now that if I was not already a Boy Scout I would join because I have seen first hand that it is a great way to help raise your kids and teach them good habits, it also teaches your kids that they can still be responsible while still being able to have fun on activaties like camping, hiking, paint balling, and pinewood derby's. The Boy Scout also makes kids feel like they can do things instead of being told they can't because there to small

  • Scouting has changed me

    I have been a Boy Scout sense first grade and am now I am going on my 10 year in scouts. I have seen the ups and the downs the good and the bad, but through it all I have changed. I have become a moral person, one who is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, curtious, kind, obident, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

  • You should join!

    In the Boy Scout program, boys learn through the experiences of camping, hiking, building projects, and community service. Scouting fosters self-esteem, a sense of value and belonging, a sense of accountability, and teamwork. The program builds boys mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. The skills they learn in Scouting help them overcome obstacles and challenges with courage and character throughout their lives.

  • I Say Yes:

    Even though there are currently issues within Boy Scouts because of their extreme conservative beliefs on homosexuality, It's still worth it to join because the flexibility of topics such as: geology, art, sports, etc. This allows boys to explore their interests in a stress free environment. That is all folk!

  • Yes you should!

    I am not yet an eagle scout but boyscouts has taught me maturity and respect for myself and others. Boyscouts are not limited to one religion anyways. You are able to go your own way in boyscouts where your only there for merit badges, to have fun, or just to do something

  • I am a Boy Scout, and I highly recommend joining.

    Boy Scouts is a fantastic organization that teaches our boys good leadership skills and other skills that enhance one's life. For me, the experience has been greatly enriching, and I have grown greatly from it. The BSA (Boy Scouts of America) has been helping people for over a hundred years now with charities, Eagle Projects, and has done much to protect the environment. An example would be that my troop goes down to do a clean up of the Darien river every year. The Eagle Projects are scout conducted projects that improve the community, making things nicer, safer, or more efficient. We do a heck of a lot to help the community and we have all these fun activities along with it. We go on these High Adventures which last about a week every year and we cycle through a list of awesome stuff. We go up by the Canada-Minnesota border and canoe through a vast system of lakes, we go down to Philmont, New Mexico and take a several-mile hike through the area, and we also go to Florida for scuba diving. Some people have qualms about Scouting's more conservative past. It's true, there were some issues, but I've never seen a scout shame others for homosexuality or engage in any other hyper-conservative acts. We do hold worship services on Sundays when on a campout, but they are nonspecific. Scouts aren't forced to be Christian or act conservatively. Unless you call being respectful, helpful, cheery, good with money, skilled, and smart, conservative. So encourage your boys to join scouting, it's a great experience and they'll become great people from it.

  • Wrong views for me

    Certain views like their views on gays for such a long time would lead me away. I would not simply join a homophobic organization that is promoting a right wing agenda. Some may even argue that the organization should be renamed as a mini republican camp. I would simply join a different organization than this one.

  • I am in Boy Scouts, And I hate it.

    It is really boring most of the time. Just sitting there at meetings waiting to do something. The stuff you learn there can be learned easily online for free. It hates gays people even if it lets them join. People have been kicked out simply because of who they love. They also want you to be Christian. If your an atheist, Well to bad you’ll just get discriminated and forced to do Christian things in Boy Scouts. ( i am a Christian). Kids who are “patrol leaders” or have lots of badging think they’re better than everyone else and I am sick of it. I am quitting soon. People say, BSA helps you with social skills. Well there is school and social media, Boy Scout is optional. Girls were allowed to join Boy Scouts which defeats the whole purpose of BOY scouts. The camp outs are dirty and never get sleep. Boy Scouts is a waste of time and money. Never join Boy Scouts. Trust me, I’m forced to do Boy Scouts

  • Why on earth would you join boy scouts.

    The boy scout organization, is full of homophobic young men who think they are helping out the community. As a Buddhist I am not allowed to join, due to the fact that you have to say "under god" in the pledge. In my religion I do not have a god so therefor I am not allowed to join. I also do twice as much community service as those freaks.

  • I Should Not Join the Boy Scouts

    No, I should not join the Boy Scouts as I am far too old to become a Scout. At 31 years of age, I think it would be just a little creepy if I were to attempt to. However, at my age, I could become a Scout Master and help youngsters learn their way.

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