• Babysitters Are Essential

    Many parents have no choice, but to leave their children with a day care center or a babysitter, so by default I feel like parents should feel okay doing this. Many households now require 2 sources of income, which is often accomplished by both parents working. Most companies hiring now, require applicants to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, when schedules overlap, a parent should leave their child(red) with a babysitter.

  • Yes, babysitting is fine providing sitters have been vetted.

    Any parent of small children needs time away, either alone time or time with the other parent. So babysitting is of course fine. However, as with anything pertaining to children, anyone other than a family member (and sometimes a family member, too) needs to be checked out in terms of their reputation and proclivities and their techniques.

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