• Mind is evil but our heart is our guiding god!

    Mind is sometimes or many times evil which plays tricks, hurts people & always logical while heart guides us in the right direction without being logical. Listening to our heart always gives happiness & peace. People often argues that there is no such thing as 'listening to heart' as it has nothing to do with our thinking, they say that it is all with the mind (brain) but if you ask me then I will say that we don't have to think always. Sometimes we should do things in the way we feel instead of using heuristics or tricky worldly logic's. I believe that feeling is different from thinking. Heart does the feeling while mind does the thinking. Heart is the place where dreams & love are created & witnessed and we use mind to just keep all those witnessed memories to only make comparison, build expectations & finally end our dreams as well as hurting our loved ones. Always listen & follow what your heart says, it will help you to reach your destiny & gives you inner peace.

  • Yes, you should listen to your heart.

    People often wonder if they should listen to their heart when making a big decision. I feel that intellect should mostly win out, but that our hearts are good to listen to with certain everyday things. For example, if you see someone being bullied, intellect would tell you to stay out of it and not get hurt. But your heart would tell you to intervene, and help the person who is being patronized. In many instances, it makes sense to listen to your heart, and to allow yourself to be a warm-hearted person who cares about the needs of others. If you find that what your heart tells you is often right, then it makes sense to think from your heart.

  • You should not listen to your heart.

    You should not listen to your heart. Often times, your heart is telling you to do some thing impulsive and silly, which will lead to future ruin. If you listen to your head, it is often telling the most logical solution, which may not seem like the best at the time but has better long term results.

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