Should you live with your parents after marriage?

  • It can be beneficial for everyone.

    It is important for the married couple to have an independent life and relationship together, but living with extended family members can strengthen bonds within the family. It is great for children to grow up close to their grandparents, it can be a good financial alternative, and a house of extended family is a house full of love! It is important that everyone respects each others' privacy, but living with your parents can be a great alternative.

  • I realize it isn't for every situation.

    My father was a bad guy, my stepfather was kind to my mother and supported her well financially, but he passed.
    I lived on my own at 19 and then I married and lived far away from my family for many years after. My mother and stepfather wanted to move to a beautiful and secluded but could not keep up the lifestyle as they were too old to do the large amount of manual labor required. They asked us to move in with them and we agreed. We had mostly just been keeping up the rent, food and utilities on our own and my family's new place was gorgeous, had a lot of land and a guest house. They paid us for the work, but employment in such a remote area was sparse, my stepfather got forced out of business, and my wife and I had to leave to get better work.
    Then he passed, my mom was alone and had no income. So we helped her sell the place and we bought a more practical house together.
    So now we all live together and have many pets, but we do not feel crowded. We put our money into a house rather than rent. My mom doesn't have to live in a cramped urban space, and neither do we.
    Until my wife and I make enough money to support my mom and hers, I think we will keep this situation. And even then I may not change it.

  • Economic Opportunities for Females

    Leaving your babies at home with your parents would not only be good for the baby, and the grandparent, but this way, both the male and female leads of the family could have day jobs, supporting the whole household. I don't see very many downsides to this way of life.

  • Babies will learn moral values

    At this century, people are lack of moral values. If grandparents are there, they can lead babies. Now days, parents are run after money. This action is root cause for all issues. Let your babies be with their grandparents and spend time wisely.
    It is fair for babies stay with grandparents rather than babysitters.
    Moreover, as a adult child, we have to take care of our parents. They cannot get love and care by our salary. They need our precious time. Don't run away from your responsibility!!!

  • I'm pretty sure that almost every parents want to live with their kids.

    Imagine that when you're about 60-70 years old, do you want to live on your own, do everything by yourself ? Our parents spend most of their lives taking care of us and now one wants them to take care ò themselves too? No ! I will live with my parents no matter what. If they don't want to live with me. I'll buy a house near theirs in order to take care of them easily. That's my opinion thank you.

  • Most answers disagreeing on here are assuming that the parents will be the major financial supporters of the household.

    Depending on your socio-economic status, it makes sense to live in a big family home. It also varies on your cultural background. Most Hispanic, Asian, and Italian families live in strong family households. It is a custom brought back from the old countries. I personally would like to live in a household with my parents and brothers in a mult-room house.

  • Are you kidding?

    Your parents did their job and brought you into adulthood. Now do yours and show them respect by taking responsibility for your own life. Why should they be burdened by the financial hardships of continuing to take care of you. There are plenty of people doing more with less. If you stay because you're too lazy to take care of your own family then you truly are a loser!

  • No you should not.

    After getting married you should try not to rely on your parents anymore because you are trying to move on and start your own family, if you continue to hassle your parents than you may not be ready for that next phase in your life where you are ready for your own family.

  • Depending on the circumstances, it might be ok...

    For example, if your single surviving parent was ill with terminal cancer and needed assistance, then yes, you should. But generally, I would consider being economically supported by your parents after marriage, or even being so emotionally attached to them that you must continue living with them, a negative thing.

  • No, it caused a lot of tension

    My husband and I really love our parents. But we are also helping people improving their lot of lives in which we need to stay away from our parents so we visit them especially monitoring food supplies, medicines, etc, etc. When my father died we stayed with my mother to take care her needs physical, emotional and spiritual. But it caused tensions. My younger brother who has a family is very irresponsible and like a leech sucking parents resources. He is annoyed with our presence and he even mauled my husband. Truly living with parents and other siblings is not good sometimes.

  • Definitely Absolutely Not!!!

    Marriage requires the spouses to grow closer together and mature in their relationship whilst they establish their household. This requires privacy as the relation needs intimacy mentally and physically. Spouses need to solve problems for themselves and create solutions without the innocent or not so innocent contribution of any third party and especially not to in-laws who my subconsciously choose their child’s side and thwart the relationship and the independence required to make good choices

  • Earlier 2 now 4. Take care of both while enjoying own life.

    Except illnesses, single parent, helplessness situations it's a healthy idea to stay in a different house be it one floor above or next. Taking care of 4 parents while staying together under one roof it's hard. Don't forget about huge loss of initial charm and beauty of togetherness after marriage. Make your own set of ideologies and rules for home and take responsibility of raising kids on your own. Parents are not babysitters only. Financially support them too and reintroduce them to life. Let them enjoy and relax, they deserve it.

  • Big No Tension, not the man you supposed to be

    Just over 4 years almost 3 years married. Its hard to be the man in the house if the alpha is giving still orders to his daugter and also making final decisions. I truly did love my parents in law, a very big no from me if you can move

  • No. It's time to be an adult!

    I can understand if you've bought a house and have to stay with parents or in-laws temporarily while it's being renovated...Or a parent is terminally ill. But after marriage it's a new phase of your life and time to be responsible...Especially if you're in your 40s. I know of a couple in that scenario who doesnt want to spend a penny so prefers to stay with Mom and Dad. There is the option to rent an apartment in the very least.

  • No no no

    Your parents gave you your life, they have follow you since you were a kid, took care you, gave you everything good, everything better. They accepted all of financial hardships to earn money to give you go to school, to buy food, buy clothes,.... I'm a Vietnamese, in my country, the childs are all of parents, they are really really love us and they always want all the best come to us, so i really don't want to live without them. They are really really mighty for me. I will take care and always live with them...

  • No no no

    They give you a life, maybe a wonderful life or no. But they are keeping be your parents, they give you everything good, give you their care, give you happy, give you money, take you go to school. Will you forget all ?? They love you and why you want to live out them. With them, you will always be a child, so they will always take care you.... So i think you shouldn't live without them....

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