• Teach it, Don't preach it

    Before i begin, I would like to create a distinction between teaching about a religion and forcing your child to practice it. These two are separate, And I will be arguing the teaching side. Teaching religion to your child is not a bad thing by itself, And can have many positive benefits. It could teach your child how to act, How to be a good person, Or reassure them to an extent. Simply teaching a religion is not the same as forcing your child to practice it.

  • It's the kid's choice.

    Freedom of religion is a HUMAN RIGHT! Not an adult right. That means it applies to ALL HUMANS including children! Religion should be your choice alone! No one can tell you how to think except you. I know if my mom had forced me to be Christian, I would have called the police. (Even though I discovered the religion on my own anyway. )

  • Most of it's BS anyway

    Kids should be able to form their own beliefs rather recycle the ones spoon fed by their parents. Honestly I think most of religion was originally formulated to control people. Teach your kids morals and leave all of the creepy stuff that comes with religion out of it. You can say I'm going to hell, But I'm gay, So I have very little to lose here anyway. After all, The concept of hell is stupid and manipulative as well.

  • don't force it.

    Your kid needs freedom. Your kid should be allowed to learn any religion or just not believe in any of them. If you are religious, Your kid doesn't have to be. Your kid needs to be able to learn on his own what religion he wants to believe in, Not to have it force-fed into his mouth without his consent. SO again: Your kid needs freedom.

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GuyIncognito1 says2020-09-10T09:58:40.253
Yes. Parents should have freedom in raising their children. They are exercising their right to religious freedom.

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