• It is racist

    Driver's licenses are racist because it stops illegal immigrants from driving. Because most illegal immigrants are minorities it is therefore stopping some minorities from driving. This is just plain recist and is an amazing example of systemic racism. And driver's licenses are even against the law because of the sovereign citizen laws. If you support driver's licenses, You are a racist and think you are above the law.

  • Of course you do.

    I have epilepsy, So I'm not allowed to drive, But I can tell you that there are many aspects that you need to learn about and practice in order to drive safely. If not trained/educated well enough, It will be easy for people to get into accidents which could even be fatal in some cases. And all it takes is one wrong move in one trip for that accident to happen. People close to me have described to me in great detail about what it is like to drive and all the aspects of driving that you need to take responsibility for.

  • This is like asking, "do you need a medical license to practice medicine"?

    Would you want a surgeon to cut into you despite not being familiar with the 11 main organ systems in the human body? If you don't, Then would you want someone who knows nothing about driving or traffic laws to get behind the wheel and pose a threat to everyone in his vicinity? This is why licenses exist - to certify that the person in question is in good mental and physical health to drive safely and comply with all traffic regulations.

  • This has to be a joke. . . . Right?

    Of course you should need a drivers license to drive, In the same way that you need a permit to carry a gun.

    (the rest of this is to dispute OP's comment on his own post)

    Yes, If you move to the USA from any country at all you will need a USA drivers license, Not because they hate immigrants, But because different countries have different standards for driving. If you move from say England, You're gonna need to learn how to drive on the right side of the road, And should thus get a new form of drivers license. It has nothing to do with race, It has to do with the country you're moving to having different driving laws.

  • This is stupid

    Don't even try, This is incompetent, Do you need a licence to live? This is the same thing, In ye olde days, To operate a vehicle, Twas only intelligence required. Likewise with schools, Money is required to teach intelligence, Why not just teach intelligence to drive a car properly. So shut up and go drive a car.

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