Should you not be with someone because they are a difference race or religion than you?

Asked by: KatieXoXo15
  • I am speaking on a VERY broad term. Individual cases vary, trust me.

    I am not saying we should have laws in place to make this the case but I think it is unlikely two people can spend the rest of their lives together with some much difference between them. On religion, unless you really don't have a strong feeling about it (which can not be said for most people) then having that difference can cause a bunch of fights. As for racial difference...I am half black and half white. I have seen how a typical black family acts vs how the typical white family acts. There are some pretty distinct differences that could cause trouble and if you have children, well, raising a child with different cultures in mind can get tough. Now, that is not saying all black people act a certain way and all white people act a certain way. I was raised in what I would call the typical white family and so me marrying a black guy would probably be more weird. It all depends, I am just speaking broadly.

  • Stay with me here...

    I strongly believe that couples should make sure they hold similar world views and beliefs. If there are even a few fundamental differences in a couple's world views and personal beliefs, they will have a very hard time maintaining a relationship. It isn't so much specifically "race" and "religion," but those two things can (note: I said CAN) be good indicators of a less-than-compatible pairing.

    I don't believe cultural differences are ever extreme enough to warrant avoiding someone solely because of their skin color. Do not judge someone for their ethnicity. However, it is important to keep cultural backgrounds in mind when seeking a relationship.

    Just because someone is different than you doesn't necessarily mean you can't have a relationship with them, but you must have enough things in common with them to not drive each other apart.

  • No, but it is personal preference

    I don't think for myself I would limit myself to this. However, I believe that this decision should be made on an individual basis. If someone wants to restrict themselves to this mindset, I am OK with it. Just because I don't think that way does not mean that it is wrong to.

  • you should be with anyone you want

    This country has fought racism. We have also fought against religious hate crimes and problems. We have been vitorious in our battle against these things. So who is to say that we can't marry the person we love. Whether or not they are black, white, latin, christian, jewish. Its not you see that matters its who the person is.

  • It shouldn't matter.

    No, I don't think that it should matter if the person you are with is the same race or religion as you. For instance, my aunt and uncle have been happily married for over 40 years. She's white and he's black. Same goes for religion. As long as you love the person, race and religion shouldn't matter.

  • No, you can be with whoever you choose!

    No couple has exactly the same backgrounds. The question is, are you able to live with the differences? If you're going to constantly fight about your different beliefs, that will put a strain on your relationship in the long term. If your significant other urges you to convert to their religion, that's a strong warning sign! You shouldn't need to pretend to share your significant other's beliefs, and no one who respects and loves you for who you are would ask that of you. However, if you both are able to "agree to disagree," then there is no reason not to be together, whatever your differences. The only person who gets to decide if your relationship is "good" or not, is you! Listen to yourself! Ignore everyone else!

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