• College Not for All

    Yes, some people should not go to college. College degrees are practically useless in today's job market unless they are in very specific fields like tech fields or nursing. Many people can move up corporate ladders without having attended college, as those degrees do not necesarily help in the corporate world.

  • College isn't for everyone but if you have the grades and support. You should

    For years parents have told their kids’ college is the only way to be successful in life. By going to college you make lots of money and get whatever job you want. Is this really the case? Statistics show that the average college student makes almost double the amount of money then a high school graduate, students in college have more opportunity for jobs, student make friends with other students 28% of college students find their spouse in college, and College is really expensive and you might not even get a job in the end.
    The 59% of college students that graduate make almost two times the amount of money compared to high school graduates. People with a college degree make around $1,100 a week, while someone with a high school diploma makes just $638. That is a 59% increase who doesn’t want to make 59% more money by going to school for at least 4 years. Along with making more money the average college student has more opportunities for a career.
    Many jobs require a college degree. In 2009 there was a big unemployment rush, more high school students were unemployed than college students. There were about 5.2 million unemployed college students. There were about 9.7 million unemployed high school students. There were 4.2 million more high school student unemployed. Showing that most college students end up higher on the work “totem pole” and in a choice between the two most jobs would pick a high school student to be fired. Besides having opportunities college also allows you to make connections with other people.
    In college you make friends in the field you are studying, in your dorm, or just in the hallways. These people can help you get good job or become lifelong friends. These connections into networks will help you in the long run for the rest of your life. You may even meet your spouse in college. 28% of all marriages started in college. A college education is getting more and more expensive as we progress in time and you may not even get a job.
    College education is becoming very expensive. College for some people leaves them in $300,000 in debt and with no job. So why should some people go to college if they end up with huge debt and no job. The answer they shouldn’t, some people are not fit for college (having bad grades) people like Bill Gates dropped out of college and was successful because college was too easy for them. Not because it is a waste of time.
    College has its ups and downs like anything else in life. College in reality is not the 100% key to success but if you are fit for college it is a huge help. If you are not fit for college it is better to not go $300,000 in debt and end up with no job because you are not fit for college.

  • You Should Go to College

    Somehow or someway, every individual that graduates from high school should find a means of attending a college. It doesn't necessarily have to be a 4-year college but a person should strive for a higher education. In this modern day and age many companies are striving for future employees to have a college degree and, at times, a masters degree. The minimum education of a high school GED is still there for the low-wage jobs but it has become an unofficial minimum for people to have a college degree to have the average-paying jobs. Therefore, without having a college degree many individuals will be exempt from having an opportunity of pursuing their career. In addition, many careers nowadays require a college degree even if it is a degree that is not a part of the career.

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