Should you obtain work experience prior to earning a PhD?

  • Yes by the time you have PHD you should have experience

    Yes I think it is important to have a lot of work experience prior to getting a PHD. This will ensure that you are 1. qualified to do the job and 2. actually enjoy doing the job and not wasting your time. I think the PHD certificate should open up new job opportunities but you should already have some experience.

  • You should definitely obtain work experience prior to earning a PhD

    One definitely should at least consider obtaining work experience prior to obtaining their PhD. Getting your PhD opens a lot of doors and is the be all, end all for education, but even with all that hard work and knowledge, it's not on-the-job experience. Getting your feet wet first pays dividends.

  • Sure, acquiring work expericence before enrolling a PhD course is very essential

    The fact is that workplace is a brilliant environment for students to check their lectures, and absorb new skills and knowledge. These things may make them become more self-confident and acquire better PhD result. Actually, combining both academic knowledge and real skills is necessary to get a PhD. There is various and numerous experience that students is not able to read in any books. In the working process, they have chance to solve these kinds of complex situation. Each time they overcome, they will acquire new experience that become part of their body and allow them to more highly success in after courses.

  • Yes, work experience should be obtained.

    Work experience should be obtained for a PhD because classes and studying alone only gives you so much knowledge, and there is still a gap in the knowledge you have that area. Hands-on experience fills that gap. You learn proper etiquette, refined techniques as well as making connections that will be needed after you complete your degree.

  • Yes, you should

    Obtaining a PhD is years of work and dedication. It is a sign for the person that earns it that they have worked hard and are a professional in their area. It is one of the higher degrees a person can earn, and in order to obtain it, some work experience should be necessary. It shouldn't be obtained just through classes and studying, actual experience is necessary.

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