Should you pay your children for work that they do around the house?

  • Ye yes yes

    Yes kids should get paid because in a way they are working that is like you as a parent working hard at work and not getting paid for all the hard word that you put into it. I think that if this happened to me I would be pretty mad, So with that I do think that kids need to get paid and yeah parents do do so much for there kids, but its your job to take care of them and love them and even though we do pay for like bills its also your fault if you dont want to take care of your own child and if you didnt want to take care of them and be willing pay for the bills for them, they why did you have a child.

  • I think that kids should should get paid to do chores.

    I think this because you are doing work that your parents should be doing. It is like helping your friend clean their room and your friend giving you a dollar for helping them do their work. So when you do chores you should get paid because you are doing your parents work.

  • You should totally pay them

    First of all it teaches children the value of money management and accountability. Children learn the value of saving money. If you spend all your money too quickly you don't have enough money to buy things later on maybe something that you really want. Our they learn to save there money to by something big or a nice quality.

  • Of course they should get paid.

    Speaking from experience, I know how it's like to ask for something and to be answered with "Do you have the money?". Also, it teaches kids that with hard work, dedication, and determination, you get the reward that you deserve. That promise for an allowance drives them to do extra, like get a job (if they are the appropriate age) to have change to spend on things they enjoy. And I should know, ever since my parents started giving me an allowance, washing the dishes doesn't seem as bad as it was before! XD

  • Kids should get paid we dont have money!!!!

    Im a kid i think we should get paid becouse working for free is horrible you should see how it feels doing chores and not getting paid im pretty sure you all have jobs and get paid i do chores and i dont get paid and its just horrible. If i get paid i can save money for things like buying something for my mom :) ya feel me.

  • Yes, kids should be paid to do chores.

    Many kids are upset that when kids ask their parents what else they want to give them, the kids are expecting money and guess what they get, MORE CHORES, not cool. Plus, the only time kids get money is on their birthday and Christmas from their grandparents, and their parents only get them presents, which is a lot better than money, because some kids burn a whole in their pocket every time they get money because they spend it all in one day, and are upset because now they can by any gifts for friends and family.

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes they should get paid.

  • Yes, children should be paid to do chores around the house.

    I believe that they should be paid because it prepares them for certin taskes they will have to know in the future, like money management skills or being more self suffciaint. For certain take like making their bed, if there are meesses they made after themselves they shouldn't be paid for stuff like that. But taking out the trash or helping out at the dinner table are acceptable reason to pay a child for.

  • Yes Kids should get paid.

    That way the kids don't always ask for money. If they do chores they won't have to ask all the time. They can save up there money and buy something that they have been wanting. Parents won't have to spend so much money on there kids if they pay them $5 a week. Kids don't usually like to do chores for free so they won't do them but if they get a little bit of money they will do them.

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  • Ridiculous! Preposterous Outrageous!

    As a child myself, i do believe that it is absolutely ridiculous to pay your kids for doing household duties. I don't receive pocket money or money out of the blue (even though my parents are capable of giving) because I believe that my parents earnt that money out of hardwork, not out of cleaning up their own house?

  • Greedy kids trouble for the next generation

    Kids should do a simple task around the house for free. Kids will get so use to getting played high prices then they will refuse to work low paying jobs, argue with their boss, and most likely get fired. They will never become responsible and never helping around the house.

  • Children should NOT be paid.

    Kids will begin to believe that they will be paid for every good deed they do, when satisfaction of doing the right thing and helping should be the only reward. They will learn that the only reason to do the right thing is to be praised and rewarded. That is my opinion

  • No they should not

    Children should learn that money is not a reward for everything they do. Parents: Did you get paid? How can you give your hard-earned money to your kids then kids will think that they will get money for everything, not a good thing to do parents. Relate this to when your kids grow up.

  • Children shouldn't get paid to do chores.

    Children are sometimes paid to do chores around the house. That's not efficient. What you are doing is preparing them for something that they will have to do when they grow up. Adults get paid to do their job, children however don't have jobs and shouldn't get paid. Your parents don't get paid to clean the house or to take out the trash. If they aren't allowed to get paid neither should you. Children might say. "We don't get paid for going to school, although we should. It's like our job." Not exactly. School is another thing that prepares you for you life ahead of you. Your parents didn't get paid for going to school and so neither should you.

  • Money for chores...?

    Children need to learn to contribute to do chores in there household.
    First off, Doing chores is a priority they must be done around there home. Children don't need to be paid cause mom/dad do more chores than you and they don't get paid so why should the children? The more you pay your child the more they think its ok to ask for more money.

  • Kids should not get paid for chores

    Chores is work that has to be done around your house to help. Once you give your kids money after doing chores they will ask for more money after everything they do... But sometimes kids need to chip in for free because parents don't pay to have a dirty house

  • Kids won't learn how to be part of a family

    Kids eat off the plates, walk on the floors, and Use things in the house.They should just clean after themselves, and help the family take care of the house. U and your family live there. Would they just feed, play or take care of their pet if only they got paid? NO!!! They wouldn't. It is theirs so They will take care of it. Well Newsflash kids, the house u live in is urs in a way.

  • Should not be paid

    I think they should not be paid because parents already do so much for kids, The money could be used for other things like bills, food, and clothing. That is why i believe kids and teenagers should not be paid for doing chores around the house. That is my opinion

  • They shouldn't be paid.

    According to me, children should not be paid for doing household chores...
    They are a part of the family and they must learn it.
    Wherever forefathers paid for doing these jobs????
    These are family values and they must be respected . Each one of us is a part of the family and must contribute our part towards our family

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