Should you pick a job because you want to do it(yes) or because of grades(No)(Example: I'm good at art but I wanna be a doctor)

Asked by: AprilAuqa
  • I wanna be a doctor. . .

    I wanna be a doctor but my parents want me to be an artist so what should I do?
    I am lost and I would like to hear peoples opinion. Please tell me what to do? I am just so confused. Yeah, So um. . . Please state your opinions. Please, I'm so lost. . .

  • Job you like.

    You should pick a job that you like because you would be happy going there. If you are good at something then hopefully it uses that skill. If not, Then still go with a job you would love. Plus a doctor would probably get better and steadier pay than an artist.

  • You Should Get A Mix Of Both

    I would recommend to anyone that they should find a job that they're good at and enjoy, At least a little. But don't fallow a job path just because you like it. For example, I love performing but I know I can't sing well so I won't go down that path for a job. I am, However, Highly skilled in math/science and love working with my hands so I might go down a career path of a tradesmen.

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