• Yes you should punish your child for bad grades. I'm a student myself and I believe this.

    If your child is not getting at least C's then they are not truly trying their best. If they were trying their best they would be getting at least C's. They need to apply themselves. You need to teach your child that it is not OK to slack off. School will give your child the skills to have a good career and be able to feel proud of themselves. :D

  • yes its important

    Kids need to understand that the world is not easy going like parents. It needs you to work hard and not slow down because you will fall in any work. You will need good grades when you choose your future. And mostly when you are going to work where you want.

  • I believe that punishment is an effective to reinforce good grades. This is the point of view of a preteen.

    The parents are paying for their child's education and the child should respect the parents by working hard at school. Being a teenager myself, I know that children care more about technology than school and good grades. I believe that anything lower than a C should result in a removal of phone or other privileges until the grade is raised.(Unless the child has a learning disability of course.) I also believe that the child should talk to their teachers if they don't understand a lesson because it is their responsibility for their grade, not the parents. Removing privileges is effective because it gives the child less distraction and more time to study. I don't believe that physical punishment should be used as a reinforcement for grades because this can lead to child abuse. Also, the distractions are still there and the student can't focus on their schoolwork. From my point of veiw, physical reinforcements don't solve the problem, but rather postpones the problem for later until the child can't take it any more and rages out like adding gas to a flame. I think that there is relatively no harm in removing privileges as punishment for poor grades, and I find it to be really effective. I honestly would rather lose privileges, for a little while, than to get poor grades and end up in a low paying job for the rest of my life.( This is coming from a seventh graders point of view, sorry for the poor grammar and spelling.)

  • My step son is 10 years old. Always get F, or D. Sometimes C. Don't comply his homework, don't participate in class.

    The mother punish him taking away all the electronic games. That the only he cares about. The father treat him like a 5 years old. The Father Only See Him On Weekends, He Backup The Mother Taken Away The Electronic Games. The father talk to him nicely and tell him please try harder next time. The kid those not care he still getting back grafes, I see how he manipulate the father, I guess he will do the same with his mother.

  • Yes but to a certain extent

    Let's face it bad grades are bad, however, it's not the same as disrespecting the parent. A parent can have a great warm-hearted child, but they're probably lazy, causing them to do badly. I don't think a strict, strict punishment should be metered for failing grades. Punishment yes, but not too strict.

  • A parents duty is to train and raise up their children be responsible. This requires consequences. If not, you are not helping, but hurting them.

    If an adult does not do their required homework in college, or their required tasks at work, they fail or get written up, and eventually lose their job. If you don't have a job, a consequence is not having money e.g. leading to homelessness, no car, no phone, no food. All are consequences of not completing or doing the job required by us as adults. Train your kids with consequences, losing privileges e.g. cell phone, computer, grounding, t.V., etc, to help them understand that their are consequences when we do not do what is required of us.

  • Yes they should be punish for bad grades

    If your child does not apply themselves and know they can do better, then they should not be aloud out of the house to hang out with friends and all technology should be removed unless needed for school but should be supervised. If the child has a learning disability then seek help for them so they can get better grades and help them with their homework if they ask. Some teens just want to be lazy and not even try when they have the capability to do so. When I was in school I thought the same thing and then was tested for a learning disability and that is what I have. It was hard for me but some classes such as gym, I didn't like going and would cut the class but then got in trouble for it later. The same with math and my consequence was a failing grade. My parents never got the help for me when I asked. I had one teacher in my school that always helped me because I was struggling a lot in my classes and she seen it. She is considered a hero to me because if she didn't help me, I would have quit school nut because of her I didn't and made it through high school. Then went to college for a year and a half. It wasn't easy but I had to study a lot harder than everyone else because of a learning disability. Some of time parents don't always see that their child is struggling and some say it is laziness even though the child tries. I know a lot of people that say learning disabilities don't exist but they do. People in my family say that about me but it was proven already. I was in special Ed all my life because of a disability not laziness. If you have children out their and notice they are struggling and you know they are trying, get them some kind of tutoring or help.

  • Yes you should punish students for bad grades

    Yes, I think that students who are getting bad grades need a way to find out that is unacceptable through some type of non-violent punishment. Techniques such as taking away a cell phone or giving students more chores will help them to take some responsibility for their own grades and get better grades.

  • Yes, you should punish for bad grades.

    I agree that there should be an agreement set between the child and the parent(s). Once you and the child agree on what is acceptable (no Fs, Ds, Cs, No zeros, & Hand in ALL work, etc.), you should then agree on an acceptable punishment. For example, my son knows if he fails an assignment (D or F) he is not allowed video games during the week until he shows improvement in his grades for two weeks. If he fails to hand in an assignment and gets even 1 zero, he is not allowed to play video games for two weeks (including weekends), period. Children need to learn consequences, because they will have to learn to deal with pressure in adulthood. Now, when my son earns Cs on individual assignments, we come up with a plan for improvement with the teacher. This may include limiting video games during the week, such as 30 minutes of game play a day and that is it until he shows improvement for a few weeks. I have an advantage because grades are updated on the school website each week, so I always know how he is doing.

  • Absolutely they should!

    Why are 71% saying "no".

    It isn't just the school's or just the teacher's responsibility. It is also the student's responsibility.

    If the student ignores homework assignments or puts them off until too late or if the student doesn't study adequately then the student will get worse grades.

    It's different if the teachers are grading based on tests over things they don't even tell the students to study for. In that case I'd have a talk with the teacher. But usually bad grades are the student's responsibility.

  • Punishment Doesn't Fix The Situatuon

    If you punish someone they will always remember that punishment for the rest of their lives and hate you as a parent or be depressed and kill themselves because, they know that it wasn't their fault but, instead you should be punishing the teacher and school for NOT TEACHING YOUR CHILD CORRECTLY!!! If the child says, they will do anything to get a better grade like, the child wants a tutor without you as a parent suggesting it THAN IT'S THE SCHOOLS FAULT!

  • Never in a million years

    Being one of the people that is getting punished, no you should NEVER punish your kids for having bad grades. I have ONE C in a class that barely matters and I get one of the few things that actually makes me happy taken away. My mom tells me it's my fault I do t get to do horseback riding but it is really her fault for making the choise to punish me. If I were actually happy I would have gotten that one C up a long time ago. Now, since there is less than a week in the school year and I can't get the grade up anymore, I have absolutely nothing to do for the summer. I have thought of killing myself because of how much I hate my life just because of one likely C that just piled I too of everything else going on in my life. I never smile at school anymore because the way my parents treat me because of it has made me stressed and not want to try. I have no confidence and feel like I will fail at everything. Today I did a big presentation and completely failed at it just so I could get that grade up, guess what, I just got yelled at again. Taking away what makes me happy has just made everything worse. I am stressed 24/7, I rarely smile, have had thoughts of killing myself, I swear I will have depression in a matter of days because of this, and to make everything worse I just keep getting yelled at. I am crying while writing this. Unless you want your child to end up like me or any of the others suffering because of a bad grade, then don't punish them because it makes everything worse.

  • No! Especially for B's

    Im a 14 year old in middle school, and I have all A's or A-'s. Im allowed to have one B+ without being grounded. I normally get electronic bans, and it stresses you out so much. My parents say that they are trying to help me, but I dont get how this helps me at all. All my friends are getting the same, or worst grades than me, and they never get grounded. Grounding kids can ruin the kids social life at school, and it may give the parent a bad reputation too. I feel i could do a lot better in my classes if i wasnt grounded so often, as i could focus more on school and other things instead of being focused on being grounded. If the parent does want to ground a kid though, the parent should at least listen first. Today we had a geometry quiz and i flunked it, which brought my quarter grade down to a 88.7% (my semesters still a solid A). The problem is that over 3/4 of my class failed the quiz as well, as it was very poorly written, but of course some parents just dont care. I think that if your going to punish a kid, at least think about if its completely their fault, or if it was just a hard/ bad assignment .

  • Students Should Not Be Punished for Bad Grades

    No, students should not be punished for bad grades. The job of a school system is to educate a student. If a student's grades are bad, that indicates that there is a break down in the education process. Instead of focusing on punishment, schools should focus on rehabilitating that break down and making sure the student is properly educated.

  • No, because it messed up my idea of what I should be aiming for

    No! Definitely not. My younger sister (9) doesn't get the best marks, and she's downright horrible to people sometimes. Yet to my parents, she can do no wrong. I've always gotten fairly good marks. I'm currently 12, and my grades have slipped in the last year. But only a little! Yet every time I tell my parents my grades they just respond with "Why didn't you do better? Why didn't you get the extra two percent? Why aren't you the best in the class?" They don't seem to understand that I don't understand things sometimes. Anyone touches my sister, and my parents will literally leap to her aid before you can blink. Anything happens to me, and I'm pretty much told to get over it. Including getting beaten up more than once, developing anxiety, my best friend moving, and one of my friends self harming and then later being rushed to hospital with heart problems.
    Basically, parents need to understand that punishment for bad grades (that often aren't even bad!) just make the student feel even worse about themselves, and as a result do worse.

  • Bad Grades Are Punishment Enough

    The student has to understand how bad grades impact your future. If you punish a student for bad grades by detention or, as some schools still use, corporal punishment, the student doesn't understand how bad grades result in what they received. They don't correct themselves and, chances are, rebel. If students experienced first hand what bad grades mean, and maybe were encouraged when they maintained good grades, I think there might be more effective results.

  • Punishing is Not Intelligent

    We all know that punishment does not work. It gives more stress than anything else. Parents need to look at ONE main factor...Does your child do well in all but one particular class? Do they pull As and Bs in everything but can't seem to grasp History? If your child is having struggles with many classes, it is something to look into (laziness, learning disorder). If it is one class we are talking about, give some constructive criticism, get him or her help (Tutor), see that he or she studies for a certain amount of time each night and check learning afterwards. There is a place for punishing. When the child doesn't care, displays consistent laziness all around, lack of discipline, fighting, etc. You would know that from the teacher. If it is just that they have a bad grade (D/F), and they are otherwise good children and show that regularly...What exactly IS the punishing for?

  • A Bad Idea

    I am currently a sophomore in High school, and making A's and B's in everything except Chemistry. Right now, I am currently not allowed to buy a video game I saved up for. This has done nothing but cause more stress, as I have been working as hard as I can to do the best in all my classes. Especially since my grade in there is a 68. I have turned in extra credit, which will up my grade in there to a 73, not to mention all the new stuff I have been acing. My teacher is slow on grading. I wish they would focus on the classes I do well in, rather then focus on the one class I shouldn't be failing anymore. It's added nothing but stress, and made it even harder to study. So no, not a good idea.

  • Positive reinforcement is more important.

    Bad grades can be an indicator of a variety of issues, anything from personal problems to a learning disability. Punishment does nothing but increase frustration, making study more difficult. Rather than punish, a parent should get to the root of the problem and address it directly. Improvements and good grades should be rewarded in order to provide positive reinforcement.

  • No, children should not be punished for bad grades.

    A grade is to help see where you are and where you need help. Punishing a child because they can't keep up could cause more harm and damage then to help. I also don't think you should give a child money for a good grade. The grade itself is the reward. If you punish a child for a bad grade, it could make them afraid.

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