Should you really judge people according to how they dress

  • Yes, There's A Time and Place

    It ultimately depends on the social situation you're in. If you're wearing a skimpy outfit to work, or worse, a funeral, you should be judged because such a social situation requires you to be more respectful. However, if you're wearing a skimpy outfit for a night on the town, you shouldn't be judged because that social situation is more relaxed.

  • It shouldn't but it happens

    If a women is wearing a mini skirt or a salwaar kameez its her right and comfort,we are no one to judge her based on what she wears. But in today's world men judge women on the basis of what they wear. There are so many examples and one of them is if there are two women standing beside each other one wearing a tight skinny dress and other a suite people around them start saying the former one is hot she's sexy just because she's wearing such kind of clothes , that women starts gaining attention be it in terms of any help, a job interview, among teenagers ,friends and many other conditions.Unfortunately this is the reality ,believe or not.

  • It shouldn't and doesn't

    People should be able to wear what they are comfortable in. People should how to dress how they feel and be proud and comfortable in it. People who judge according to how people dress should quit cause it doesn't portray you, you character or you life, it should portray your mood and a fashion statement.

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