• Mistakes imply that things are worse than they could have been otherwise they wouldnt be called mistakes.

    And when those things are worse than they can for other people because of your mistake its quite obvious that you should regret that. Regret keeps you from making the same mistakes over again and when your mistakes come at the cost of others you shouldnt repeat them if you can avoid them.

  • Yes of course !

    When you regret is mean you conscience is alive still working! And your mind as well - how would you feel if you didn't regret ? Don't be , Regretting one of human attributes ! And pretending perfection is completely imperfection! No one without mistakes and our mistakes is nothing without regretting

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  • Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. - Arthur Miller

    Not regretting anything is prideful and foolish. Think about the definition of regret: "to feel sorry for" etc. If you didn't feel sorry for the mistakes you've made then you didn't learn from them. This is different from saying something like 'my mistakes made me who I am today'.

    This is taking responsibility for the times you screwed somebody over, or the times you really hurt somebody. It's being self-aware and unsexy - being able to admit you made a bad choice, and perhaps being aware that although mistakes do have a large part in making a person, mistakes also create negative effects that one might not be aware of. You might have been a better person had you made a better choice.

  • Regretting ensures not repeating the same mistake.

    Mistakes are part of life. But not regretting it makes us feel that we did nothing wrong. Making mistakes intentionally is sin. Repeating the same mistake again is a sin. Mistakes, by luck, rarely help us do some good. But that's only in 1% cases. We learn if we remember the old mistake, and we would remember only if we regretted then.

  • Regret shows that you have a conscience

    If you cause harm, regret is both healthy and desirable. Those without remorse or regret are dangerous and undesirable people (sociopaths). It is not, however, healthy to be incapacitated with regret. If someone commits an immoral or violent act, regret is necessary. In my opinion, Government officials, bankers, wall street crooks, CEOs and celebrities such as Bill Cosby need more of it.

  • No. This is one of many ways that life teaches it's lessons.

    If you touch a hot stove and burn your hand then you know not to touch a hot stove the next time you see it. Without the knowledge from the mistake of touching the hot stove, you would not know to spread the knowledge to other people who are thinking of reaching to do the same. Mistakes are hard lessons to know what to do or what not to do. This is essential for people to become wiser and to pass down knowledge for generations in the future.

  • Don't Regret, Just Learn

    In a moment, sure, its alright to regret something- But in the end you have to move on from that feeling. You'd tear yourself up if you always regretted, because inevitably things would pile up. Instead, a person should learn from their mistakes, seize that as an opportunity to realize," Okay, I REALLY don't want to do that again." Regret is defines as a feeling of sadness, disappointment, repentance, etc. You shouldn't be sad forever, just make sure you don't do it again. Learn from that mistake, and then you won't need to regret it because hey," Now I know NOT to do that!"

    In other cases, a person might not regret a mistake in the situation where it might have been a more favorable mistake in relation to another mistake. A sort of "Better of Two Evils" situation.

    Also, some mistakes aren't entirely bad- There are cases where a bit of good might have come from a mistake.

  • You learn from your mistakes.

    What if your mistake created something good? If you never make mistakes, then you'll never learn.

    Make mistakes people.
    It's part of life.
    Nobody's perfect, even the people who seem like it.
    They're probably trying to hide that they make worse mistakes than you.
    Live normal lives, people. :) :)

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