• Yes, you can seek advice from the Internet.

    It can be fun as long as you don't put too much store into it. It is no different than calling a 1-900 number and speaking to a psychic. Sometimes you can get some really good advice from someone who is outside the box. A bystander. They have to claim to what is going on, so there is nothing to lose.

  • Yes, you should seek advice and information on the Internet, it can be an excellent resource.

    The Internet can be an excellent source of advice for a variety of problems. The important thing to remember when seeking advice and information on the Internet is to use reliable sources. The Internet allows you access governmental, academic and other sources of reliable advice and information.

    It also is a publishing platform for anyone with a computer, so you just have to be careful of the source of the advice you get on the Internet.

  • Sure, just be smart

    Sure, the Internet is an amazing place to go for advice. The thing is that people seeking advice need to be smart about the source. Many organizations provide great health advice or almost any kind of advice, but it should come from an official website, or one that is well known and trusted.

  • Yes, seek advice wherever you can, just don't take it as gospel.

    We traditionally seek advice from friends, family members, trusted elders in our communities. However, moving away from your community can lead to fewer people available to ask for advice. The Internet is a great place for getting advice, so long as you remember that no one out there actually knows you! They know them and the advice they give you may be right for them, but could be very wrong for you. Ask, get the answers, and then make up your own mind.

  • No, you shouldn't.

    No, you shouldn't seek advice on the Internet. The Internet is such a vast amount of space and anyone can post virtually anything on it. If you want some real legitimate advice, I would say visit with a professional in person or try to find a book in a library from a trusted source.

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