• Idk my dad has a gun tho

    My dad has a gun and hes probaly get mad at u if u get mad at him and shout bad words at him. He could use a gun against people he don't like I think. He sais things like if peopel try to steal his stuff or take his money hell use it against the people who try to do that. I wouldnt ever get mad at my dad if i were you! Lol!

  • You have the duty to do so.

    Profanity is an immoral, Crude, Toxic, And offensive choice of words when people should either open up dictionaries and learn new terms or be creative and conjure up new expressions. The use of profanity can also invite violence, And the verbal assailants are often too stupid to realize the offended individual may have a gun. For instance, You wouldn't cuss out a cop, Would you?

  • No you've got no justification to do so.

    No not at all. Angry curses don't give you the liberty to shoot a person. Instead you can either ignore that person completely or you can also curse that person. But in no ways should you shoot that person. You actually have got no justification to do so. Shooting just because someone cursed you is such a you-know-what idea.

  • Freedom of speech

    One's right to life is sacred, And it should only be violated in case your life is in danger. That isn't the case when someone simply insults you. A country where people cannot say what they want is not a free country. Also, For people that say yes, I recommend a therapist.

  • More like you like violence

    Did someone hurt your feelings? Having a tough in school? You have to toughen up.
    I do not see AOC or Donald Trump pulling a gun. Both of those two people get bullied every day by people.
    Even the little girl Greta gets bullied by grown men.
    Just ignore them.
    And stand up for people being bullied. I see someone getting bullied I stand up for them.
    Violence begets more violence. Last thing I need is for me to go to buy groceries and a gun duel occurs because of people fighting over a parking space.
    This is not the wild west I do not need bullets flying all over the place over simple disputes.

  • Absolutely goddamn never.

    Swear words are just words. Reacting with violence towards words is not only childish and immature - but it shows a lack of impulse control and severe anger issues. I never got the mentality of people reacting to stupid petty ass bull shit with violence and rage. . . .

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