• EvanTSYeet is a growing channel

    You should because EvanTSYeet is a star on the rise, And subbing to him would make you part of Yeet gang the best family on the face of the planet. Finally, I'm not even EvanTSYeet, So that makes him even better. SUB TO EVANTSYEET. Do it. He's really good. #EvanTSYeet2020

  • Yes you should

    This guy is a sexy mother fucka and deserves ur sub you better float over there and molest his channel with praise other wise he won't be able to eat his dog tonight. Or his cat. This guy makes ur curry's so go do the subbing whilst he does the tubing

  • EvanTSYeet is an innovator

    His content is among some of the most revolutionary on the entire platform. No hyperbole, But he's probably the next PewDiePie. I'm glad I subscribed to him so early. I can say I was there from the beginning. If you could go back in time and invest in Microsoft early, Would you do it? The obvious answer is yes. Subscribing to EvanTSYeet is an easy investment that will pay off well in the future.

  • Never heard of him.

    Tho the person asking and responding on the "yes" side claims they are not, My guess is that they either are EVAN-whatever or someone they know who's just trying to boost the kids web channel in hopes to get paid. Sorry but just looks like some kid trying and not someone of importance or even real entertainment value. I say you should avoid this and other similar channels like the plague and allow them to die quickly.

  • Bad way to Advertise

    Look buddy, I don't know you and you don't know me. But Advertising like that does not really help, I tried that by getting a white shirt and putting my utube name on it when I was a kid. Let me tell you it was embarrassing and I got bullied for two yrs. If you want to Advertise do it with actions and kindness. Btw I did not mean this to be a cute sad speech or a threat. I'm just giving advise based on the experience I went through.

  • Bad way to advertise and the channel doesn't look great either.

    Essentially what the title said. Bad way to advertise. Why put that on a debate site? No-one cares about your channel. We can tell because you're desperately putting your channel on a debate site.

    For the person in the channel: you look pretty young. Stay away from Youtube, You'll likely make no money from it anyway.

  • Star on the rise. . .

    Please he is no better than Morgz and his videos are full of him clickbaiting and talking about himself. Now generally the only video I have ever seen was a video with his dad for ad revenue and the toys R us goodbye song which are obviously sponsored and it is obvious he is putting his family through this to get money. And quit with this star on the rise stuff it is obvious this is just a question from a fan who got a reply to his comment.

  • Random thing for bad reasons

    It is quite obvious that this person made this to get subs. This is proven by the boasting about him (or himself): "You should because EvanTSYeet is a star on the rise" and "subbing to him would make you part of Yeet gang the best family on the face of the planet. ". This also seems to be a person trying to mooch off of logan paul, Wich, We can all agree, Sucks. Examples of this are the massive amount of "yeet" 's in the name, Word choice, And even the "family" of which you "join" when you sub to him.

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Sman1843 says2019-05-21T19:39:41.957
Also subscribe to EVANKSCYEET

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