Should you support Putin's Russian Federation in dealing with Syria over Obama, when Putin himself has also violated human rights on his own people?

Asked by: TitoOlondriz
Should you support Putin's Russian Federation in dealing with Syria over Obama, when Putin himself has also violated human rights on his own people?
  • We should support

    It is easy to understand, that this question has enough controversial questions, but i think that we should support Putin and Russia Federation, because they want to help Syria. However, the USA wants it too, but they want to solve this problem by weapons and it is not so good and useful step as they think. Some years ago the USA though that Afganistan had a chemical weapons and the army of the USA intrude in Afganistan!!!And what we have?The war between the USA and Afganistan. I think that if the USA repeat their mistake again they will have pressure relations with Russia,actually i take the view, that they have it now, but the heads of two countries do not show it to us. The USA decided it without the UNO's consent and 11 countries were agreed with the USA's decision. It is not correct in relation to others countries. Putin tries to solve this problem amicably. He tries to talk with the head of Syria and he did. Syria decided to pass of chemical weapons to Russia or to the UNO. Yes, i agree, may be somewhere Putin has violated human rights in Russia or in this situation, but at this case he is doing what he can as should do everybody. Countries in our world divided in two parts. 11 countries support Obama positions, another countries support Putin.But some kind of people who live in the USA try to explain to the government in the USA that they are doing a big mistake. Actually, the Congress of the USA agreed with Obama not immediately. They were discussing this problems a long time, but finally they agreed. Do you ever think why they agree? May be it was a pressure by Obama's side?!But at this situation i support Russia.

  • Putin, like him or not, averted another Middle-East conflict...

    ...In which thousands more, perhaps millions, would have died.

    Whether or not the giving up of chemical weapons is a move to increase the time the Assad regime has for preparing for a US attack, it has stopped a potential conflict in the Middle East. If the US goes in, even more deaths will follow - this seems to be a constant in any conflict the US dabbles in.

    Every world leader violates human rights, such as the right to privacy. Edward Snowden, after revealing this to the public, is now a criminal. Manning, revealing the US military had violated human rights in the Middle East, is now facing life in jail. Tell me now, who is on the moral high-ground?

    Putin, despite his flaws, is perhaps more suitable for that Nobel peace prize than Obama, or at least, he helped Obama keep it.

    Besides, Russia has a close relationship with Syria, and respects the government there. Although we can see reports of human rights violations, these are easily spun. How can we trust any media groups when the stories being reported are in direct contradiction of one another? So was it Al Qaeda, or the Syrian government who were responsible for the chemical attack? Should we, once again, support Al Qaeda with arms?

    Should I also believe a government which fabricated evidence for the Iraqi war? Or perhaps a government which so badly wants to go into Syria, that any evidence it gives, is somewhat biased, falsified even? Putin asks why a government which is winning a civil war, which is what it is, would attack it's own people, if a US attack was promised. Who would gain out of a US attack? And who would lose? These questions are the ones we should be asking ourselves.

    People should also realise that the media can spin and hide things. We are not told, in full, about the US' human right violations, yet we are told all about Russia's. If we look at morals, neither side are saints. So I trust the side which is not war mongering.

  • Absolutely no way

    The Russians reputation for crimes against its own people is long standing and goes back to well before the cold war begun, how can we trust them to do the right thing with Syria, when they can't do the right thing with their own people, given the evidence it begs the question what right does Putin and the Russian Government have to start trying to police the affairs of another country

  • Disregard the 'why' in the question?

    Its tough but judging by Russias track record, and that they keep going against all the evidence that the UN, and most western nations have already provided, plus the mounting evidence of Al-Assad's arsenal of weapons, chemical and non-chemical weapons I support Obama. Russia is Syrias ally, and will lie for them as they appear to be doing, and also fooling the Americans making a mockery of the government.

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