• Yes

    We can trust them to do what they want. People are insignificant in the realm of things because government is going to do what they want to do. They are going to do what the money says to do. It will not be what is the best for everyone. It will be what is best for them.

  • Yes, you should trust the governement

    I think you should trust the government, because the government is doing a good job to protect its people and its interests. It works in behalf of the people and by ensuring the security and social stability, it maintains the lives of the common people and makes sure what should be done is done.

  • The Government Provides Protection/ Safety

    One of the key roles of the government is to enhance security for its citizens especially against terrorists and local insurgencies. Now the way that the government does this is not by over protecting us and going into our lives and make us feel invaded. Instead they try and protect us from attacks and treats. After the September 11, 2001, Terrorist attack, The U. S government emerged stronger in implementing measures that ensure total avoidance of such repetitive attacks so that our Americans lives can be greater protected. In addition, Major catastrophes such as the hurricane hits causes the government to respond promptly to save lives and this form of protective reactions promotes trust among citizens.
    The government's goal is not primarily to see into Americans lives and over invade us, But instead to protect us more than ever. It works in behalf of the people and by ensuring the security and social stability, It maintains the lives of the common people and makes sure what should be done is done.

  • We all deserve to be treated like garbage, The government is 100% Libertarian and that's very good

    Okay let's get this straight: The government is your friend, If they tell you to install microchips in you to track your location, Put cameras in your phones, Invade your privacy, Experiment on you like a test subject after kidnapping you and such, It's for their own cause: having fun at the end of the day. That's why we should let them manipulate us, We are mindless sheep that need to be conquered for labor

  • It always true

    They write for their country and the people liives in country shouls belive and support them beacause gorverment want to improve their country increas eveything the liberals and the other half of the country don't like that. So perhaps you could handle this by putting more funds into the CIA and FBI, It's a good idea and you promised to do this in the election, BUT WAIT people assume this means more torture, More surveillance and less freedoms despite the fact that one part of the bill you were intending to pass forbade this, But no one bothered to read it. Well then perhaps if there's less poverty there would be less incentive for crime, So you put a bill through congress to increase social security

  • Protecting our freedom

    Our political and economic rights are the foundation of our democracy and capitalist economy. Without them, we’d be nothing.

    We often think of our rights as a protection against the heavy hand of government, but we shouldn’t ignore the contribution that the people through their government have made in expanding those rights since the early days of the republic, when they applied only to white men with property.

    Liberals who look fondly upon the government as a benevolent force often do so because the federal government was on their side in the great battles to abolish slavery and to extend rights to African-Americans, women, Native Americans, immigrants, workers, gays and many others. Liberals don’t like big government; they like a good and just government. For their part, conservatives want a government that enforces property rights and protects us against tyranny.

  • Because you're not doing the job

    Imagine you were president, your people wanted you to keep them safe. Well OK the first step of that would be to reduce the amount of weapons in circulation. BUT WAIT the Republicans and half of the country don't like that idea, OK then in order to handle that one would merely need to increase funding for the police and reduce red tape, BUT WAIT, the liberals and the other half of the country don't like that. So perhaps you could handle this by putting more funds into the CIA and FBI, it's a good idea and you promised to do this in the election, BUT WAIT people assume this means more torture, more surveillance and less freedoms despite the fact that one part of the bill you were intending to pass forbade this, but no one bothered to read it. Well then perhaps if there's less poverty there would be less incentive for crime, so you put a bill through congress to increase social security, BUT WAIT where are you going to get the money? As there's an over-expenditure into the military you decide to take money out of the military, you had promised this during the election BUT WAIT congress disagrees, and now people think you're a liar and not as a human being would can fail in life, they expect more than that. So a private company has an idea of a new device that will help people find bombs and keep a safer America BUT WAIT that's lobbying and thus corruption. Obviously this was some corrupt decision and not a pragmatic one.

    If this job was possible to do to the people's expectations then it would be a dictatorship.

  • We should trust our government!

    If we don’t have government we may harder time controlling society ourselves. According to reference.Com, without a government we would have no one to “provide basic services like roads, education, national security, and enforced laws to discourage” crimes from being committed.
    Take a look at Spain. They have been trying to find a new government since the election on December 20th. Though the Spaniard are not concerned about not having a government, it puts Spain in a political and economic risks that could have long term effects. Also, Our government may kill, maim, torture, lie, and spy but in the end they are only doing it for the greater good. In the government, those who lie and spy do it for the sake of the country. If we didn’t spy on other countries, the country would be bombed or attacked twice as much. Those who kill, maim, and torture in the government, only do it to criminals and to gain information.“If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost.” said former-president Barack Obama. This means that if we don’t trust our government, then bad things will happen, such as civil wars, and tons of chaos. And finally, In 2014, 72 percent of Americans said that the amount of trust that they put in their government was exceptionally high. “That level of trust people feel for their local governments shouldn't be surprising: I see an amazing level of professionalism that would stir even higher numbers if only the public could see the effort and analysis that their communities' public servants put into improving results.” says Stephen Goldsmith, former mayor of Indianapolis. In conclusion we need to trust our government!

  • There is always a good reason people lie, even if the truth may hurt.

    Governments lie for a reason no matter how small or big, we should still trust them. What if there is an alien invasion and they report it all over news? Then people will go crazy. What we want is a government who can control and keep things in order while we can freely express our own opinions. If we really want that, then they will have to lie for our sakes, and figure our a reasonable solution before they expose the truth

  • Yep itll be mkay

    This should really depend on who the government is, but for the most part, yes. If its not a bad one, it should know what is going on around them and how they're going to solve the solution (they diddint get chosen for nothing.) They're trying they're best to protect us in anyway they can, even if it dosent seem like it.

  • We shouldn't trust everything.

    While sometimes the things we hear are true, There are probably many government secrets that are not shared with citizens that we should know. However, Some secrets are kept secret as to not cause mass panic or endanger anyone. There are also many government conspiracies floating around that should possibly be brought to attention that could be true. Watch Shane Dawson for CONSPIRACIESSSSSSS!

  • I will never trust the goverment

    I will literally never trust the goverment they are suppose to work for the people and if that is so then why is poverty still a thing in 2019 in the united states
    Why do so many people struggle with having healthcare or paying their bills i believe health care should be a thing every person in america should have not just the rich
    But people constantly struggle in 2019 some people to choose to eat one meal a day just to afford healthcare and pay their bills we are suppose ro be doing better than our past but we are constantly doing worse and the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting worse the american goverment would rather spend its tax payers money on its military then spending the money on its own people I'm dissapointed in our goverment and no longer want to be a part of a goverment that no longer cares about its people

  • You can't trust anyone

    We should not trust our government because you can't trust anyone. People turn on each other everyday so why should I trust the people with the most power to turn on us? The government is the most secretive group i've ever seen as well. If a friend or family member didn't tell you some of the very important messages you needed to know, Wouldn't you be angry? Now i'm not saying we shouldn't have people to keep us in check, We just need to be careful, As a society, And make sure the government never turns against us because you can trust no one.

  • The moon doesnt exist

    Also the earth is not a sphere its a donut shape that revolves around the sun in the middle. The government has been lying to us this entire time. That is my theory and everyone should believe and support it. Dang i still need ten more words thank you you

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  • NO, Don't trust your government.

    So there is a video on YT that is a guy saying he used to work for the government and he said ¨i am telling you my name so if anything happens to me you will know it was not natural death¨ and there was a celebrity that ¨died¨ in her sleep but she was 30. Her father ran DNA test and there was heavy metal in her blood and her husband couldn't do it because he was dead too.

  • Look At The Past

    There's many things the government has lied to us about in the past. Immigration, Collusion, Bribery, And in general misconduct. The government gets away with so much when we're not looking- I mean look, Trump is a racist, Sexist, Xenophobe and he got to the Presidency because enough people were able to turn a blind eye. There are few government officials with truly good intentions, Because everyone has their own agenda. There are bad people who are Democrats, And there are bad people who are Republicans. At the end of the day, It's best to just keep in mind that people are a lot more likely to do immoral/bad things when they think no one's watching.

  • We have let

    Them do anything they want for years in secret. I suspect big business is involved with crime and corruption Which explains why nothing real ever gets done for people to often. You cannot go into the government with rose colored glasses and ever believe you are a hero. There is an ex-congressman who used to work in our government. I don't know if I can do this? His name is Chomsky on media all over the computer and has written books about our governments corruption. So the peoples here who suspect the government are correct. Chomsky says do not do what he did. Because our government is violent and most certainly will elimenate you should you try what he has done. The wars and sensationalism they dish out have been to keep us dependent and afraid of questioning them. Hope someone read Chomsky worth reading.

  • The government could easily hide things from us.

    Just look at Area 51 and the Pentagon. They are just two of the many top secret places in the U.S. where they could hide a different species or documents about Hollywood conspiracies or things that could hurt the government and cause an outbreak of the society to fight back for what is right and they would no longer be in control of us.

  • There a bunch of idiots running us into the ground

    They lie about most thing they don't live up to there word also the wall are you joking the stupidest thing I've ever heard we already use are hard earned money to pay for are idiotic government, but now a wall there out of their minds and there's no way they are gonna get Mexico to pay for it.

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