• YouTubers are real

    For the most part, YouTubers are more genuine than their celebrity counterparts. They begin humbly with nothing more than a webcam, producing genuine videos sharing with the world their life and their opinions. Mainstream celebrities on the other hand are coloured by the expectations of their managers and sponsors. They rise to fame because of raw talent and their candor, thus possessing qualities that are truly worth idolising over.

    Of course there will be a few black sheep here and there, but in general they are better worth idolising over as compared to other celebrities.

  • Yes and no

    If we are comparing them to other celebrities, than yes. All celebrities have one thing in common: they show themselves to the world. Anyone who has some talent, and puts their work out for the world should be considered a celebrity. You Tubers follow the guidelines, and should be treated as such.
    However, should any celebrity really be idolized? We can admire a talent that a friend has, and never idolize them. Why are celebrities different? The only difference is that they don't know you, and you don't really know them, so you have less reason to idolize them, because you don't know how they treat others, or what they are like around friends.

  • Please tell me

    I would like to know your opinion so please tell me your ideas on youtube culture

    thanks it means a lot if you respond on this opinion thing so thanks

    i myself idolize you tubers and want to know if it is healthy or not. They got me through some pretty bad times in my life so i want to know if i should continue idolizing them. Thanks

  • Youtubers are not higher beings

    Again, to reiterate on the other statements here, Youtubers are people just like you and me. They either make content to catalogue their life, use it as a virtual diary, or just wanna make content for people, not caring for their views. If people begin idolizing Youtubers, they may just begin to make content that's outraged by many in the Net, but the Youtuber's fans are blinded by their idolization and don't see the potential darkness in said videos.

    LeafyIsHere is a good example of idolization gone wrong. He started out making simple gameplay videos for Minecraft, Falllout 3, etc. And then he starts making videos mocking other people, mostly kids and women, some of which have mental disorders (autism, eating disorders), most people do not find this hilarious at all, this is bullying. And most of Leafy's fans don't see it for what it is, because they always support whatever Leafy is doing even though it's wrong. It came to the point where his fanbase is so massive that he keeps making these videos, and some try to defend him by saying it's satire. Satire is still a form of mockery, mocking people's shortcomings or mistakes.

  • Entertainment shouldn't be idolized.

    Never mind my own personal beliefs, why would you idolize them? They're people who entertain, or in some cases teach, but that shouldn't be idolized. If that's the case, why not idolize you teacher, or your one friend who makes everyone laugh at parties? When it gets down to it, celebrities shouldn't be "idolized" either, but that is a point for another day.

  • No, no and no

    People should not be idolised full stop. I will not refer to anything religious. Why should a talented musician or whatever be idolised while people work 70 hours per week, struggle to feed their families and are not? Musician, aged care worker, long-haul truck driver are all the same; people(not idols)

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