Should you use the ‘N’ word describing your pet dog or cat that is black?

  • Yes it is based

    HP lovecraft did it and he was based. Why should you not honestly, Its a pet and not a human so it won't get offended if you call it a word. The only people getting offended are the people who witness it when its not even directed at them. Angry SJWs I bet

  • The House Pet

    Your dog is a black Labrador, Your cat is a black Domestic short hair. Your neighbor is a white woman who has been married for 17 years to her Black man who may or may not be from Africa.
    Why use the ‘N’ for a Human? Why are our pets and White Humans continue to be described with respect, While our Black friends and neighbors are still disrespected with words used by old world Slave Mongers?

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