• All must praise the "yes" button!

    If you do not press this "yes" button, horrible things will happen. Your eyes will fall out, and you will have to not watch as they roll off into the sunset in a Mercedes-Benz; you will be not witness to the sparkling Utopia that ensues as your eyeballs are elected President of the Earth. And then every chocolate bar you eat will taste like vanilla. But what am I saying? I should be arguing why you SHOULD press "yes", not what happens if you don't. If you press "yes", we will forcibly induct you into our underground cult where we will summon the dark lord Chthulu into this world and usher in a thousand years of darkness! Won't that be fun?

  • Of course I should!

    If I didn't, there would be an imbalance between the "yes" and the "no", and I am all for order and equal rights between the nay sayers and the Yay sayers. How would you like it if you were being discriminated by whether or not you voted yes or no on a debate? For equality, I say "Yes"!

  • Yeeees everybody should vote yes

    Voting yes at this question is something very important, as the image is a smiley face. If the picture was a negative image, I would have voted no. Something else is the text, which is very interesting because, if you had written "should you vote NO?" , people that would disagree would vote "No", which means that they are disagree with themselves.

    P.S.: this post can have no sense, but I think your question is funny XD

  • No. No. No.

    Why should I vote yes? Who says I should? Should anyone vote yes? No is the answer. Assimilation is a weakness and voting yes is a sign of submission. Do not give in to the pressures of the system, man. As the influential Zack de la Rocha once said "F**K YOU I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME."

    Posted by: okie
  • Cause no is with the flow

    Flow = no and thus no = flow. I used a form of language called reversal and you should vote NO because it is a reversal question. Thus no is flow and flow also is no. No to the flow = flow that also is no. So I say to those who say no flow is flow flow is not no because flow is not no then flow is flow. I say to you flow is flow and only flow matters. Because no is no. And it also is flow. Flow. Flow.

  • There is nothing to vote to

    You have no idea what you're voting to yes for. That's just insane what if it's something really bad. I'm sorry, but I must protect the space time continuum and prevent any mishaps. Im sorry but you have just been voted off the island, please gather your things and walk to the boat of shame.

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asta says2018-05-18T13:20:34.137
To what?