• It's best to wait

    It's best to wait to upgrade to iOS 8.1. This is because there is no need to adopt to everything so early. Let time tell if people are having troubles, let them figure out the kinks, and then upgrade after it has all been resolved. People jump on the bandwagon too quickly.

  • Yes I should wait to upgrade to the newest IOS.

    Ever since the Iphone 6 came out, Apple has been playing around with their updates and customers aren't happy... I was scrolling through my facebook one day and all I could see was complaints about the newest IOS update. Apparently IOS.8.1 makes customer's phone lag and some have also lost all their phone contacts! I would honestly just wait till they come out with a fix!

  • No, you should not wait to upgrade to iOS 8.1

    No, you should not wait to upgrade to iOS 8.1, as any new applications released for iOS will depend on the 8.1 version to function properly. Apple has released this iOS for a reason, and may include security vulnerability patches as well as many other functionalities that you cannot see on the front end user interface.

  • Why Wait For It

    I don't see any reason to wait to upgrade. If there are problems with the new version they will be quickly fixed. Generally I would download any update within the week it is available. It overall isn't going to make a huge difference and you're eventually going to have to update anyway.

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