• Bobby Sands is important

    Yes the young Irish people today should learn about Bobby Sands, since he did so much to fight for Ireland and their freedom. Bobby Sands was very dedicated to Ireland, even to the extent that he died by starving himself in a hunger strike in a prison. This act should be remembered forever.

  • He is important to history.

    Bobby Sands was a very interesting character and he did a lot of important things in Ireland. I think that he is a person that young kids should learn about because he did have such an impact on the culture politically and otherwise. We should teach the kids about him.

  • If he is a valid part of history, yes

    Yes, if Bobby Sands is valid part of Irish history, then young people should learn about Bobby Sands. Just young people are still learning about people that have be long dead and gone in the United States, such Elvis Presley. If the person is someone that has enriched the Irish culture than he should not be forgotten

  • But they should not be pressured to agree.

    Yes, children should learn about Bobby Sands, because he is an important part of Irish history. Bobby Sands was a famous figure, even if he was not that mainstream. When learning history, learning about someone who died on a hunger strike is an important part of that history. But they should not be pressured to agree with him.

  • If They're Interested...

    He was the leader of the 1981 hunger strike in which Irish republican prisoners protested against the removal of Special Category Status. During his strike he was elected to the British Parliament as an Anti H-Block candidate. His death was followed by a new surge of Provisional IRA recruitment and activity. International media coverage brought attention to the hunger strikers, and the republican movement in general, attracting both praise and criticism. (Wikipedia)

    Bobby Sands seems to be prominent figure for Irish people, however his overall impact probably isn't quite large enough for him to be included in common public school history classes. This means that if young Irish people have an interest in their heritage and their heritages history they may have to research it on their own. The information is available to them if they want to. Essentially, rather or not them should be taught about Bobby Sands is solely up to their parents.

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