• Metal 2 gay

    Kid should listen if they want or maybe not wanted to listen to it because it's 2 gay 4 them but if you like it no homo theh might listen to it but if not they didn't hear it. Metal is 2 cool 4 kids but it's alright I guess.

  • Very young kids yes

    As a parent I do think that very young kids should not really be exposed to death metal music. It's not because of the message, but the actual music itself is very loud and can hurt their ear drums. However, it is a parent's right to expose their kids to it.

  • Young kids should be sheltered from death metal music.

    Death metal music is obscene and children should not be exposed to it. It is necessary for parents to make sure their children do not listen in inappropriate music. If kids hear the messages of hate expressed in this music, they might be tempted to emulate such actions in real life.

  • Freedom of choice

    People listen to music cause of how they feel. If metal makes them feel the way it makes me feel (excited and inspired) then they should listen to it. No one should dictate what, Music you listen to based on their opinion of it so let the kids listen to metal.

  • I don’t think so. . . . At all

    I think it’s great to let kids listen to metal! It helps them find what music they TRULY like instead of the same old pop or “children’s” songs. I realized that I was into hard rock when I was 6 years old. I was so sad when my mom had told me to not listen to that. I’m a 10 year old that sometimes listens to Cannibal Corpse and absolutely loves it. I’m not evil at all. Saying kids can’t listen to what they want is stupid.

  • It really depends!

    I mean if you are a parent who doesn’t want their child exposed to death metal then just don’t let them listen to it. I personally don’t mind it as most kids now days play video games and watch tv that’s not appropriate for their age. Just make sure you know what kind of death metal band their listening to as some can contain really sensitive information

  • No No & No

    Just because a child listens to something somewhat evil sounding doesn't mean they will turn out evil. I'm sure children see worse stuff at school, On tv, In a movie or in a cartoon anyway. I started listening to metal in my early teens. Sure my parents weren't thrilled about it probably but they knew I would rebel if they forbid me from it. Sure I had some times of grief after that but we all do no matter what type of music you listen to. I agree maybe children under about the age of 8 shouldn't because it can be very loud & hurt their ears but after that let them start exploring different types of music a little more. There gonna hear it eventually through friends, Tv, Internet etc. So don't give them the option to feel like they have to hide it from you. That's when the trouble starts. Metal can be positive @ times. Check out some Metalcore bands like Killswitch Engage or Phinehas. Yes they can be loud but sometimes they also try to give a positive message to the listener.

  • Their is much worse music

    Through pop music kids are already exposed to bad topics and are much more degenerate that death metal. Death metal covers a wide range of topics which include societal issues, Civil unrest all the way to horror gore style lyrics. It is an art form that everyone should be exposed too.

  • It's not that bad.

    People always take death metal to be worse than it actually is. Sure, It sounds harsh, But it actually isn't as violent as is believed by many. If you think death metal is all about death, Check out Amon Amarth. Their songs are all about Odin and Norse mythology. And about the music itself, The hardness doesn't make you stupid, Lose brain cells, Or even make you violent. Studies have shown that metal is extremely influenced by classical music, And can help deal with difficult emotions. Don't shelter your kids, Support whatever they listen to.

  • The music one is exposed to does not really determine their behavior.

    If a child is being taught and influenced correctly by loving and responsible parents, Then the music that a child is exposed to should not determine how the child behaves in the present or future. If a young child enjoys death metal, Then criticism and disapproval of what they love will have more of an impact than the music itself.

  • Not at all

    Death metal should never be taken literally and with parental guidance it will be ok. I'd love it if my kids listen to death metal. Kids just need to realize it's just music and just have to leave it at that. Just enjoy the headbanging and they will be fine.

  • Repeat after me

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  • Of course they should not be sheltered from Metal. They should be sheltered from Pop Radio.

    The pop culture is destroying world. The radio plays catchy tunes that promote whatever they want, which is usually sex, violence, and herd mentality.

    Whereas metal music is more thought provoking than that. The melodic notes are intricate, and the lyrics develop substance.

    Blues is another great genre for that.

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