Should young kids be sheltered from death metal music?

  • Very young kids yes

    As a parent I do think that very young kids should not really be exposed to death metal music. It's not because of the message, but the actual music itself is very loud and can hurt their ear drums. However, it is a parent's right to expose their kids to it.

  • Young kids should be sheltered from death metal music.

    Death metal music is obscene and children should not be exposed to it. It is necessary for parents to make sure their children do not listen in inappropriate music. If kids hear the messages of hate expressed in this music, they might be tempted to emulate such actions in real life.

  • The music one is exposed to does not really determine their behavior.

    If a child is being taught and influenced correctly by loving and responsible parents, Then the music that a child is exposed to should not determine how the child behaves in the present or future. If a young child enjoys death metal, Then criticism and disapproval of what they love will have more of an impact than the music itself.

  • Not at all

    Death metal should never be taken literally and with parental guidance it will be ok. I'd love it if my kids listen to death metal. Kids just need to realize it's just music and just have to leave it at that. Just enjoy the headbanging and they will be fine.

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  • Of course they should not be sheltered from Metal. They should be sheltered from Pop Radio.

    The pop culture is destroying world. The radio plays catchy tunes that promote whatever they want, which is usually sex, violence, and herd mentality.

    Whereas metal music is more thought provoking than that. The melodic notes are intricate, and the lyrics develop substance.

    Blues is another great genre for that.

  • It makes them happy

    Little kids should be aloud to listen to it it represents a lot of things it has a long history
    And fond of it are always happy to hear it. All of that stuff it good not bad. Everyone should be aloud to listen to it. Look how happy it makes the fans of it.
    Death metal really about freedom and being true to yourself (like duality buy slipknot Messages about freedom and being true to yourself are mostly for the older kids, but they're good songs.
    Songs that are very heavy it still doesn't matter if little kids here it what's the big deal about it it's not like they're going to know what they're actually saying. And that songs is about not thinking about what other people think because it doesn't matter.
    So many people like it and i can see a big difference in them they love it even If kids like it and it makes them happy then let them listen to death metal. Some people listen to it to go to sleep and they have a great night of sleep. People tell their kids that death will make them sad but that's not true if they like it they can listen to it on stage there peformers just because you see them like that during concerts doesn't mean there like that in real life.
    Just because some satanist's listen to is does not mean that it is for satanist's only. Besides now there is christian rock those people are not satanist's. Death metal is for everyone and everything even the fish ( go into the water dethklok Vd0 )
    That is a good song for the fish(and the people/ everything that's alive.) Death metal is for everyone. That links it if there fans of it no matter what age they will be happy. If your kids like it you might start to like it to and if you start to like it then you will all be happy. Then you will have no problems with your kids listening to death metal.
    So if death metal represents freedom and has a long and good history then let the little kids listen to it even if there only 2 years old. It will if they got into it and if you like it then you will all be happy.

  • It is healthy

    Death metal is safer music than pop on the radio. Pop talks about sex and drugs more than death metal. Death metal lyrics often provoke thought and lead to a more intelligent child. It sounds harsh, but if anything that will teach a child to not judge a book by its cover.

  • It depends on the death metal band being listened to and the overall message.

    Death metal can be very interesting, intelligent and educational in comparison to hip-hop and rap music.
    Death metal deals with unexplainable phenomenon, religious beliefs, the occult and the world's overall condition.
    Death metal has the power reveal the sick and twisted side of humanity that television and the news are afraid to talk about and are taboos, such as serial killers, child molesters, harmful effects of certain religious beliefs and drug use.
    Some death metal bands do promote violence and devious acts and should be reserved for a more mature listener.
    Overall it's the parents call, although making a child stop listening to his or her genre of music will only make them want to listen more...As with myself and my parents.
    Death metal music isn't always negative in its lyrics and content and at times can be uplifting, spiritual and provide the listener with knowledge,courage and a strong will to survive in a harsh world

  • Most definitely NOT.

    Besides the obvious point made by several others about MUCH bigger problems to worry about, there is no reason to shelter your child from any type of music or artistic expression. If you actually LISTEN to "death metal" or any other type of metal, the majority of the lyrics are non violent and not threatening in any way. If anything, they support freedom, independence and being yourself, not following the herd. Very few bands have graphic, offensive lyrics and you usually can't understand them anyways, especially as a child. If anything, shield them from the guns, p***y and n****rs that are clearly pumped thru your speakers courtesy of wanna be "gangstas".

  • NO - Within reason!

    No, children should be allowed to listen to what they want to - within reason!

    For example if the song has explicit lyrics then I can say yes, however songs that are 'clean' or 'radio edit' I see no problem.

    My daughter has been listening to the likes of Slipknot and Stone Sour since she was 3 years old, however I have always made sure that there version contain no swearing or if I can't find a 'clean' version for example Stone Sour Absolute Zero then I mute the swearing . My daughter is now 5 years old and she has started getting more into death metal and now has this is on her youtube play list "Hate Eternal - Bringer Of Storms" and this has been checked by me first to see if it is suitable for her

    Even though I love all aspects of metal music, the one thing I have never done is forced it upon her she actually chose it herself on you tube on my view again section and she asked if she could listen to it and since then she has been hooked, now this style of music has brought us closer together than I could ever of imagined and our special bond has grown stronger.

    On the other hand I am also trying to teach her culture and where music came from so she has other bands on her play list such as queen, Beach boys and Buffy Holly - so I am trying to get her to appreciate all aspects of music wherever possible

  • There's bigger problems out there

    If you're worried about the music your kids listening to then I can't wait to see what happens when something horrible happens to you, your friends, family, loved one, or anyone around you. What will you do when a sex offender moves into your neighborhood or someone repeatedly is breaking into your home?

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