• I believe that kids should start having homework around age 7.

    I think that homework is good for children. Homework helps students understand their coursework
    much better. Homework lets students
    absorb the subject matter at home in a peaceful environment free from the
    distractions that may be present at school.
    Homework teaches children discipline and responsibility at a young
    age. As much as kids may not like it, it
    is necessary.

  • Need to reinforce ideas

    People need homework because they need to have ideas reinforced after class. Children especially benefit from homework; a huge part of academic life is discipline and the ability to do boring work over time, since repetition leads to true understanding, and children benefit the most from both the life skill and the repetition.

  • Yes, but very little.

    Young children are just getting into the discipline of study and so homework needs to be very brief and very much either fun or meant to explore what was learned that day. It will keep them interested in the learning process and also get them used to scholarship at a very basic level.

  • Some but not a lot.

    It is appropriate for young children to have some homework. They need practice with their reading and their math as well. You need to practice in order to become proficient at the concept as well. However, it is inappropriate to overload them with a lot of work. They still need to be kids.

  • Kids Should NOT have homework!

    Because kids already learn in school and homework should be for like extra credit. Also, lots of kids have things like sports, and other class like events that they have to go to after school. Plus you'd get in trouble because you didn't have time to do what you were supposed to do.

  • Boring ! !

    I t d o e s n o t h e l p o u r L i v e s w e s h o u l d d o I t I n c l a s s w e n e e d t o l i v e !!!

  • No home work

    Secondly, it reduces the amount of time that children could be spending with their families. Family time is especially important to a growing child and without it social problems can crop up and a family unit can be compromised by a lack of time being spent together. No more home work

  • Kids get scared

    No because young kids really need time to think about school. I say when you hit 5th grade then you start to get homework. I think it is a little stressful for little kids. I have a little brother that says he is scared for homework and he needs to be at least 15, but he is little it should be 5th grade.:)

  • Adds Stress and shortens free time.

    After 7 hours of school and 1 1/2 of after school activities, you come home to find 6 sheets of homework to do. Sometimes, a parent or guardian won't be home and can't help. Then, you barely have time to relax; Leaving the child tired the whole day at school. This is why I say...NO!!!!!!!!!!

  • No more homework

    Children go to school for practice. They shouldn't have to have homework when they get home. When they get home they should be able to relax and take a break from school. Kids should only have homework when they have a test the next day. Homework should really be banned!

  • Homework for Older Kids

    Younger kids, from kindergarten to second grade, shouldn't have homework. Those pupils are just getting used to school and don't need more work. Homework should be gradually introduced as children get older so they don't get burned out on learning at an early age. Homework is necessary but kids need to be acclimated to school first before being given work at home.

  • Young kids should not have homework.

    Young kids should not have homework. I am against the amount of homework that they assign to children in school today. I think children should have a little homework and then be able to enjoy their freedom and be able to play outside. Having children work for hours on homework is not beneficial to them.

  • No because young

    Kids's minds have not adapted to such thinking and they will fail with all of the hard questions. They also need a break kids need time to just be a kid. And plus home work makes kids hate school. By the time kids are done with homework they probably have sports to do.

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