• They should be allowed to do what they want

    First of all if women are locked at home, Their personal eduqation will stay inaduquate and their intellectual ability will not improve. I would like to point out that the mothers give basic training to the babies, And i am firmly believe that their level of knowledge and wisdom is important for the future of next generations.

  • I think all mothers should work so they are kept busy and they can get money for their life.

    Everybody who thinks against then daamn you because mothers should have jobs because they can't just sit at home all day and watch television because that is lazy. You do not want a lazy parent do you ? Society says that all mothers should work. There is a problem in unemployment aswell.

  • Time Spent during the day

    Working Moms- It's a little harder for a working mother to spend time with her children. It isn't impossible though. Many working moms have jobs that allow them to take time off for children's school activities and such. These moms will make time for the children in the evenings when they get home. They are often more aware of the need to make "special time" for their children.

  • Age has nothing to do with the ability to work

    I don't really even see the argument in this case. Age should have no factor in determining if one is fit to work. Now if the question was expanded to include something like, "drop out of school and work" then I might switch my opinion. If a woman has the ability and wherewithal to work and the desire, there's no reason she shouldn't.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • Yes, young mothers should work if necessary to take care of their child.

    Any mother, regardless of age made a decision to bring a child into this world. They are responsible for taking care of that child and in this day and age, that usually means you have to work. A young mother who is just handed everything (welfare, Medicaid, etc) does not learn the value of hard work, responsibility, or accountability. Now if a young mother is fortunate enough to be in a financially stable situation, then it would be a blessing to stay at home with their child. Otherwise they chose to be an adult when they got pregnant and need to be able to provide for the child they brought into this world.

  • Yes, If They Want To

    Young mothers have every right to work if they want to. It's very telling that this question isn't 'Should young fathers work?' I think that everyone pretty much expects fathers to work. Well, if a mother wants to work or has to for financial reasons, she should. If a father wants to stay home and he can afford to, then he should be able to make that choice as well.

  • If they want to

    Being a mother is not an excuse to work. Although they should not be forced to work, they should be allowed to do so if they need to, want to, or have the ability to do so. This does not really seem like it is a black and white issue, since there are many factors influencing whether or not a mother of any age should work.

  • Mom's need to stay at home

    No if mothers starts working who is responsible for the child . A mother is a person who takes care well than any one .If a mother goes for job the child looses the bond with their mother . I think mother should stay at home with their kid and teach them the good and bad statements etc

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