Should young people be allowed to choose their own religion?

  • YES they should

    I believe that if a child feels as though they do not believe in a certain religion they should be allowed to choose the religion they choose to follow . Parents cannot control everything about their child's life . Freedom of religion is a right . A right that no one can take from you , if you choose to believe in that religion it is your choice entirely and cannot be controlled by any one unless you wish

  • Yes, they should

    If a child falsely follows a religion without even knowing what's going on in said religion, it's pointless. They should believe in what they really think is true. Everyone has a path in life, and people, escpecially children should choose THEIR OWN PATH, not falsely following their parents. I'm done.

  • Yes, everyone needs freedom of religion.

    Yes, young people should be allowed to choose their own religion, because forcing religion on people, even young people, does not work. Church is full of sullen teenagers who do not want to be there but for their parents forcing them. Religion only has meaning when participation is voluntary. It is much better to allow children to choose.

  • Yes they should

    Nobody should be forced to be part of a certain religion, young people have minds of their own. They're not stupid, they have opinions. And they know what they want and don't want. So don't force them to do things just because you think you know better or don't like religion. Let them decide for themselves, nobody cares about your opinion.

  • No, they shouldn't

    There are countries all around the globe filled with "religious" adults who don't really understand religion and many have changed their devotions as they changed their socks and shoes. If a child believes he or she truly wants to support one religion over another, he or she should contemplate waiting until they are mature enough to make such a decision. Do you really think a devout Muslim, Christian, or Jewish family would allow a 18-year old or younger child to "opt out" of their religious heritage? I don't think it's going to happen. So, if or when any child encounters doubts about their religious convictions, it would be more sensible and less traumatic if they wait until they are mature enough to realize they are making a large-scale separation from family, friends, etc.

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