Should young people be allowed to run for Congress and the Presidency?

  • Of course they should!

    Over the past few years technology has increased exponentially in its various capacities. The millennial generation is the "most educated" generation yet. Why would we want people representing us who were old enough to vote for or against integration? And also can we trust people who grew up amongst racist and sexist power structures to truly represent our interests? How could they even?

  • Young people should be allowed to run for congress and presidency,

    As long as they know what there doing i think young people should run for congress.I understand some of the reasons why congress dosnt want young people to run for congress. Some young people are intrested in politics and might be great for congress, so they should give us young people a chance to make this generation better

  • Young minds have new ideas

    I think some younger minds would be more open to knowing old ideas are not working and try a new more modern approach. Reviewing old and outdated policy and changing established politics for a more fair and equal distribution of power. Sunset statues would be a good start as would term limits.

  • We need new viewpoints

    Older congressmen tend to stick to extremities and create a large focus on the older half of the population. Especially with technology today, anyone could be informed and well learned on what is going on in the world. Younger people tend to be more ambitious and determined to take risks if need be while not being extremely biased. Young people are constantly being misrepresented and misunderstood. It's time for fresh ideas that effect the youth to be heard.

  • Time for a new direction,

    A new approach involving young minds. We have stuck with the elderly running this country. It seems like a bunch of cranky old people that bicker to much. Besides that, its clear they dont care about the young generation nor its future. Why? Because they wont be apart of the future. They will be dead and gone. So they run this country wrecklessly.

  • Young people are just as qualified..

    I am currently 17 and think younger people should take over Congress. I would like to run for the House of Representatives when I turn 25. Some will argue that I won't have experience or I need to learn more. Experience in what, what is it that I need to learn?

    Most of Congress has been in their positions for years before laws are actually created; their experience comes from being in Congress. You can go into office with a whole lot of knowledge of anything, yet that doesn't suffice. The job teaches you. No matter how much experience you may claim to have, there is always something you do not know. And who else to learn all of this from than Congress themselves?

    Exactly. Older people coming in with 'experience' are more likely to be close-minded because they already have beliefs and ideologies, methods and techniques, things that they won't want to get from other Congressmen and women. A young person, from 25-30 (House is 25, Senate is 30) will either be fresh out of college with maybe a masters degree or a doctorate, or a little less college with more work experience. Point is, there won't be a lot of time to gather political 'experience'. So younger people, if elected, will be far more willing to hear the opinions of other Congressmen and women and use them to their benefit.

    There are many reasons that younger people should be allowed to be in federal positions. I guarantee soon enough, young people will see their potential for power in this country and grasp hold of it. Instead of asking for the babyboomers for our power, we will just take it.

  • Age is but a number...

    In the United States, when someone turns 18, he or she is considered to be an adult. They should then be treated as such, and be allowed to run for any position they desire.

    A point I’d like to make is running for office and being elected are two different things. Running neither locks the candidate in for life nor does it even mean they will win the election. If the voters want to elect a young adult because they believe in their values, they will.

    I personally think people underestimate young adults. While they may not have as much experience as older people, they do have new and differing views than people in Congress today. Even an older person, say a 65 year old, can make decisions that impact America negatively so age doesn’t really play a role here.

    Finally, the up and coming future generation should be able to control what decisions will impact them. It is now there turn to decide how their future will play out.

  • Age doesn't matter have the right views and the right intentions...

    As people get older their beliefs change as to a younger say "25" their beliefs are different and i think have more to offer better ideas, faster way of thinking. Its very old fashioned having someone over 40 running your country you have to move with the times. Everyone should be allowed the same as the next so a young person should be allowed the same as an older person within reason! Plus the way governments run today aren't that great etc maybe even for a short trail say 12 weeks have a young person aged resposnisibly running the country.

  • I don’t think that young people should be allowed to run for Congress and the Presidency.

    I don’t think that young people should be allowed to run for
    Congress and the Presidency. The running
    of our country is no joke. It should be
    taken seriously and protected as much as possible. There should be a minimum age for
    leadership. I believe that any candidate
    should be at least 35.

  • Out with the old. In with the new

    There should be term limits and campaign donation limits. Young people deserve to let their voices be heard but it won't happen until those who have been in congress for several terms step down. It is a broken system and we are continually misrepresented by those who do not understand this generation.

  • They need to experience life first.

    No, I do not blieve that youg people should be allowed to run for Congress or for President. People that are young still have alot of things they still need to experience in live and lot of things they need to go though before i think they would be a good fot to be president. I feel they would be very biased.

  • Not a Good Idea

    No, young people should not be allowed to run for Congress and the Presidency. While it might be okay for a young person to run for Congress, it is definitely not a good idea for a young person to be allowed to run for the Presidency. The Presidency requires a working knowledge of law, foreign countries, economics and a good deal of patience. Most young people would not have the experience to be able to handle the Presidency. Foreign governments would not take them seriously due to that lack of experience. The effects could be very serious for the United States based on how other countries perceived a young President.

  • No, I don't think that young people should be allowed to run for Congress or the Presidency.

    It takes a lot of learning and growth to become able to lead the entire country. At my young age, I definitely feel smart and confident but not enough to take a position of such leadership. I think it takes many more years to become well enough informed to handle that type of responsibility.

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