• Yes, young people should invest in the stock market.

    I believe you are never to young to start acquiring wealth. With the right supervision, young people can learn about the stock market and invest funds. Whether those funds be from an allowance or from a small inheritance, young people can afford to risk a small amount in the stock market for future gains.

  • Time in the market.

    Spending a great deal of time in the stock market is the best way to see long term gains. Young people who know about compound interest have the biggest advantage. Start investing early and you end up having to save the least for your retirement. It's a great plan for any young person who can afford it.

  • Yes, young people should invest in the stock market.

    It is a very good idea for young people to learn about and invest in the stock market. Personally, I wish that I had been exposed to the way the market works at a young age. Young people could not only have the chance to make money but also to learn valuable lessons that they can use throughout life.

  • No, young people should not risk their money investing in the stock market.

    On one hand, the stock market seems to provide a relatively democratic opportunity: a bright individual who has taken the time and energy to study the stock market may earn a handsome return for accurately predicting its moves. Yet if we have learned anything from the 2008 financial crisis, it's that often times the best information regarding stock moves is only available to a privileged few, and that others should enter into the stock market with trepidation.

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