• Better prepared for university

    A gap year has the potential to teach you much more valuable life lessons than sitting in a classroom can. This is especially the case if you decide to spend your year traveling, Where you will doubtlessly gain the abilities to live and work independently, Which will turn better for your study and living whilst going to university. It also gives you the opportunity to make the most of your time away if you decide to travel around your country or even over the world. Julia

  • Opportunity to find who you are

    Although it is said that taking a gap year may be a waste o time i think this is not true. Personally i think that a gap year is a perfect opportunity to travel, To relax, To disconnect from your routine. A gap year can be the perfect opportunity to discover new things hence discover what you truly like, And for me that is the essence of life: knowing and doing what you enjoy the most- miguel

  • Your last opportunity?

    You will never know when your last chance to travel the world will arrive and if you stop and think about it once you've finished your degree you will barely have any chance of traveling abroad to be able to learn about different cultures and exploring other places. Lots of people have travelled before their first year and have found that this was one of the best experiences they have had. This will not only allow you to increase the interest of your application to university but yo will be able to see how other people live and think out of your bubble. It does not even have to be to travel very far there are thousands of thing you can do during this period which will result in a life-changing experience.

  • I am in favour of the gap year alvaro fernandez elegido =)

    Taking a gap year at the age of 17/18/19 is a very good idea as you can learn many things and aquire knowledge that can be very useful in the future. It is important to do it at that age as it can be crucial for personal development and growth, Changing the way you think and look at things, As travelling and obvserving different people and behaviours can make you think a lot.

  • Opportunity to find who you are

    Although it is said that taking a gap year may be a waste o time i think this is not true. Personally i think that a gap year is a perfect opportunity to travel, To relax, To disconnect from your routine. A gap year can be the perfect opportunity to discover new things hence discover what you truly like, And for me that is the essence of life: knowing and doing what you enjoy the most

  • A new perspective

    A gap year can be the perfect opportunity to enrich yourself by getting to know different locations, Cultures, People. . . It can broaden your mind and perspective on life, By also making you more independent. You have all of your life to study and work, But what about to travel the world? -olivia

  • I think young people should take a gap year

    I think it is a very good idea, Since there are many students who do not know what to study after finishing school. That year would come in handy to think about what to do in the future, And it is also an opportunity to travel. In that year you can work and get to know new cultures, And it is a unique and unforgettable way of learning.

  • See The World

    Travelling the world is an opportunity to broaden your mind and experience different culture. This will benefit all young people, Whether they are rich or poor, And will prepare them for meeting new people in their future life, Whether this be university or work. If you don´t do it when you are young, When will you?

  • If you haven't made up your mind

    If someone who hasn't made up their mind about what they want to do with their lives, It's a big yes. If you have, Don't. People who already know what they want to do will likely end up wasting a LOT of money. People who have just graduated high school and have no idea what to do with their lives are better off exploring themselves, Supporting themselves, And learning what the "real world" is like. Besides, If you don't know what you want, You can go into university or college and waste thousands of dollars.

  • A gap year is never a bad idea

    If you do not have thing clear of what you want to do in the future or your just feeling a little bit lost, The best thing to do is take a gap year. Of course in order for this to be useful you have to do somethigng productive, From traveling to taking different courses. A gap year is always going to be enriching but it is up to you to make it useful.

  • A selfish waste of money

    A gap year can cost thousands of pounds and for what? The "enrichment" of a young person´s mind? Personally I´d see the money wasted on expensive airfare put to better use - why not donate that to a worth charitable cause at home and help people who truly need it rather than finding a glorified holiday?

  • An unnecessary action

    If you want to be at your best in this world, You need to have the drive to continuously act. To know what your goals are and to keep pushing for them. You won't be employed and make a future for yourself by visiting nice places, You can only do that by staying on the graft.

  • Just get it over with

    After high school you should go right to college while you are still in the zone. You could have gotten an entire year of college done but instead you just took an entire year to goof off. Get the degree and get the job as fast as possible or you will face consequences

  • Jacoboserra says no

    It is better to finish studies before anything else In my opinion, Young people once they finish studying at high school they should directly head into university as they have the knowledge they need to head straight in. If they take a gap year, They might forget concepts they learned at school and what is most important, They will miss a year and start working one year later which in the end means they will spend more time depending of their parents’ money.

  • Paula a s

    A gap year is just an excuse to defer your university entrance. Such a long break from studying will make it harder for you to regain the work ethic that is usually lost during the long break. Even though it´s an opportunity to travel and "find yourself", This can be done any other time throughout your life where your university degree is not on the line.

  • Waste of time and money especially in such a competitive world.

    Nowadays, Taking a gap year could put you at a disadvantage when applying for a job as they can view you as lazy or unprofessional. In addition I believe taking a gap year so young is not beneficial and will make it a lot more difficult when you have to go back to student life.

  • JGavilan says no

    When people go on a gap year they tend to stop studying and working, Decreasing their concentration on the following university years. Also, If not volunteering work is done, It is a selfish waste of your parent’s money. If you do not work nor study, You will be expecting that your parents give you a weekly allowance, Which you will end up spending on gibberish.

  • Waste of time

    If you don't know who you are at home you're not going to know in a foreign country. Traveling might be fun but at the end of the day you'll have to come back to all the problems you tried to escape from. It's also really expensive and you might find that after spending your money you're still lost and don't know what you want to do.

  • The inecesary gap year

    I believe that taking a gap year is something no one should do as it is a waste of time. Students should take a little break after university however not a whole year and definitely not before, It interrumps the learning of the students young mind, Also by making him distracted after a year of no studying. Ignacio

  • False spiritual retreat

    It is often people who are quite well off takiing gap years, And go to exotic places in order to feel like they are doing good for the third world population and connecting with themselves. Personally I feel this is a sort of saviour complex, So that these people can feel self-important. I'd say a gap year where you help your local community or work to gain experience and money is more justified, But fore those who want to "help" in faraway countries, I think they just do it to add it to their resume, And party in exotic places.

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Anonymous says2020-04-29T17:43:09.427
It depends on whether or not they know what they want to do the second they get out of High School.
zimed says2020-05-03T17:21:47.707
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