• That is Racist

    We can't ban someone from doing something because of their race. Should we ban all Muslims from flying because they're prone to explode? No. Even if white guys commit mass murders, they are usually also stopped by white guys. Sutherland Springs Baptist Church, the shooter was a white male. He was chased, shot, and killed by... You guessed it, ANOTHER WHITE MALE. A Christian, conservative, NRA instructor at that.

  • Uhh. . . Yes. I guess?

    The laws should apply equally to people of all races and if you don't believe this then your RACCCCCCIST! And so if you country allows it then white males should be allowed to own firearms. However, This question is asking "should white males have guns" to which I'll have to respond with, I'd recommend everyone buy themselves a gun. OKAY? Alright. . .

  • Read the other side lol

    The other side to this argument I cannot take seriously (should muslims be allowed bombs) its absolutely hilarious then the left says we shouldn't care about race gender and sexuality except of when its straight white a males so are gay rainy blacks allowed ? Please its a serious question.

  • Should not be asked, if so be asked of all qualities. Acknowledge our differences, accept each and everyone, capable of destruction (apply beyond this front)

    In science all have need to have self defense. Weapons are only made so by the intent of the wielder, guns are NO Exception. Going with the slippery slope, scenario the only thing we can have will be our fists, then our martial arts would be gone. Banning is the way of tyrants, discipline is the way of civilization and Democracy, we once pointed our guns at tyrants, now we are blinded without a sight of true tyrants to call enemy, these tyrants could be anywhere, there are wolves in sheep's clothing and so there are tyrants in democracy. Open the eyes and reap the seeds planted into awakening, separate from the hive and become it's worse nightmare too (for self-defense.) there are stats that say Black on Black murder is higher and much more common, the mention of double standardizing and prejudging White men of specific age boundaries is just another attack by those who are vigilantes of social justice. Left, right or middle, we are brothers and like the peoples of god and the universe we are these issues shall not master and bully us, side by side we march as one, oppression and damnation shall diminish like all other problems in how we amend our lives. The problems are the bears that steal the honey we work to make for ourselves, and together side by side we shall sting away the bear no matter what it takes, let no tragedy of the commons deter us from our drive as humanity, step past bounds set in respect and honesty and bring Democracy beyond the frontiers of the great amending process. We shall fall when we fall silent and those who jeopardize use our system against us for one final passing. Our beloved country started off rebellion from tyranny, no matter whom, if the people will it it shall be done, as we are god's people whom will the right things be done. Therefore we are dues vult, God's will. Defy and be forgiven, but prepared to fight 2 bullies, yourselves (opposer) and Society (everyone else). Let it sink in like the titanic and hold emotion of surviving such ordeal and tell the tale before one is marked with death. Dead men tell no tales. Forgiveness was a teaching of the past, ignore and be a vice still forgiven by retainers of it. At least be human about it and show sympathies, or the golden rules of the west and karma of the east shall turn you into an Earl themselves ("My Name is Earl" Reference, Enjoy XD)

  • Only if they can keister it

    As far as guns are concerned, I firmly believe anyone should be able to have one as long as they are able to keister the gun in question. And if they wish to keep the gun concealed then it should be concealed in the keister. I would never own a gun myself, though, I like women.

  • No hecking way you libtardians

    As a young white male, I'd like to begin my argument with heck you, 'kay, you mum gay, and your waifu is shit. Anyways, many white-males have been responsible for gun violence, however, about 70% of these acts are those of suicide, while with blacks, which is greater in frequency, 75% of these are homicides, this is from a 2013 statistic, so while dated, a bet it's still applicable but I don't give a shit. Blacks are not an innocent group by the way, don't make it seem like we're the bad guys, we have a word for this shit, it's called racism. Such a foolish debate, but think of it this way, if other white males don't have guns (I'm immortal, so I'm good), then they are susceptible to violence without a means of decent self defense, so yeh, I'll mail you the dunce cap.
    By the way most black homicides are executed by blacks, so yeh.
    Inhale my gigadong and preach my words as gospel.
    Dang liberals

  • Its our right

    To even attempt to make the claim that "white males should not own guns" is not only racist, but plain stupid, think about the facts, 1st our military is majority young white males, the 2nd amendment says it's their right to own a gun, and the majority of gun owners are white males. Banning guns from this group of people is not only racist and discriminatory, but just screaming "i want the conservatives to rebel" and as a libertarian i would join the conservatives

  • This is painfully racist...

    If you ban guns for one race of people- you ban them for all. No race is inferior, but to instill this law would establish the value that the Caucasian race is inferior as national fact. All of us are "created equal" and should be treated equal- that is the intent of our country and Constitutional law.

    It is also our inalienable right to "bear arms." If you take that away or any other right, you are an oppressive government that must be changed/overthrown.

    Lastly, if you truly believe that pinpointing and eliminating one race from the picture is the best direction ( which is the true racist claim): Why not African-Americans? They outnumber victims, suspects, and arestees of shootings/homicides according to police departments and even the FBI, if I am not mistaken.

  • I hate white people!

    Also i hate black people and yellow asian dogs. Aleluya , bawang we are the people who belive in our cosmical right. We all ara Mario Bros and friends, the bronx deserve to go out from the darkness. Im a Tuna fish from Alaska, my name is Rawrasd Chomoiif. !

  • Skin color doesn't matter!

    Wow, this is so racist. As long as they have the training, DOCUMENTS and responsibility to own a firearm they can have it. This statement makes me so fucking mad, excuse my language. Thats just like asking if a Mexicans can have a job in the US. It shouldn't matter as long as they have the right DOCUMENTS. Documents are key, not skin color!!

  • No they should not

    Young white males without any discipline are usually the ones who shoot up places. Not trying to be racist but it's usually the young white males who shoot up schools. Either they should not have then or the price should be increased greatly so many people are dying for no reason.

  • I've seen a lot of stupid debates on this website....I actually don't even know why I'm replying to this.

    Literally no one should have guns unless they're in a position of authority. It's a fact that if you own a gun, you are TWENTY TWO times more likely to shoot yourself or someone you love than shoot a robber. Assault rifles are completely worthless so even if we cannot get rid of people's handguns, we at least need to get rid of assault rifles. People make stupid debate that violent video games result in people killing other people but that is extremely wrong. The reason why violent video games are bad is because it neutralizes violence and makes it seem better than it actually is.

  • Does anyone know how many black people are getting killed for no reason

    Who started this debate never remind me of this it cannot happen and i will go report this to the police officers this is very bad for black people you want to know what?! Only black police officers need a weapon not white people because they are getting all the rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No guns for any one

    The idea of civilians owning guns is preposterous no matter their race or age why does the US have so many more gun related deaths that other developed nations such as the UK or France. As well as this the fact that the article specifies race and gender is disgusting the idea that only these specific people are banned in itself is flawed

  • They can use it for wrong things

    If we give young white males which means the ones bellow 18 to have guns this could lead to the wrong usage of the weapons as they are in there teens and this is the age where a lot and I say a lot of wrong this happen cuz the brain cant handle these many things happening to the person. And where as bullies or racists can use it against the black people which completely wrong

  • So what if they are white?

    I don't understand how someone could make the point that just because it was statistically more likely for them to shoot up schools, everyone that fits that description has their rights stripped away. That's like saying "Oh yeah, well black people are more likely to commit violent crime, join gangs, and sell drugs (Which they are by the way), so why not just boot them out of the country?"

  • What does gun have to do with race

    I just want to say one thing: guns only create problems. AND WHY YOUNG WHITE MALES? Some black people are better than white people and I know that because I am neither white nor black. I am an Asian and I know that gun control shouldn't bring the racial problem. How does race and the gun control related? HELL NO

  • No, of course not!

    Of young white males have guns what would the world be like if young boys have guns. How many school shootings do you think there would be. You said YOUNG. If the are young they might not be mature enough to have a gun. They could also easily hurt themselves.

  • NO, they shouldn't.

    Gun must never be owned by an individual. Guns are weapons that can kill people and must be used by institutions only. If we consider the race, whites are the majority and they will exploit the use. Especially young men would use guns for offensive purpose than defensive purpose, so guns must be banned.

  • I'm only saying no because no young person, Man or woman, Black or white, Should own a gun.

    I do agree, This question is painfully racist. It implies that only white men have the capability to become mass killers. That is not the case.
    That being said, The only reason I disagree is because young people should not be given guns or any other kind of weaponry. Their minds are still developing and their emotions can easily take over their rational thinking, And will most likely regret their actions later when they're in prison.
    If a person is of age and has a permit, They should be allowed to possess a low magazine gun.

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Debating_Horse says2018-07-11T20:01:31.570
What age is the question, and how we define young. 18, yes, but lower than that, I would say no.

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