Should your country help other countries in need?

Asked by: TsungTa
  • The hierarchy of problems.

    Saying that one's countries has its own problems and that's the reason why they shouldn't get involved in helping others, Doesn't make sense. There's different degrees of problems, And a first world country problem does not have the same weight as a problem is a fallen state/problematic area/third world country. If your country has all the resources to help, Then they should.

  • All men are equal

    We share the same earth. We are all apart of global citizen. No matter the race, Human have thieir right to be respected. Our job is not to save everyone, But to improve the quality of live, And by providing for the poor and the needy we can improve the quality of live and relieve the stress of our own problem

  • We live in a positive-sum world

    We live in a positive-sum world, So giving to others can benefit the donor country in the long term. Countries should only help countries that would benefit them. For example, It wouldn't make sense for Isreal to help Palestine if it was in need because Palestine wants to destroy Isreal.

  • We need to help ourselves first.

    Why is it we should help others when we have our own problems? We should not be helping others until we have solved our own problems first, It makes sense, When we are at war, Homeless veterans are about, And our border security is being threatened, Those are problems that need to be solved, We cannot look at others before looking at ourselves first.

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Debating_Horse says2018-09-03T18:14:02.567
Not at this time, But until we have solved our own problems first.

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