Should your employer have the right to see your genetic code?

  • They need to know

    If someone were to apply for a job as a bus driver and had a disability, the employer needs to know. If they do have allergies and cant work there it is probably for a good reason, like trying to work as a person who might have to be around dirt and is allergic to dirt lyinf bugs, that's important.

  • Some things should be private.

    It is ridiculous that employers would even ask for access to
    my genetic code! When my employer starts
    asking me for access to my genetic code, that’s when I quit. I can always find another job. There’s no telling what someone could do if
    they have access to your genetic code.

  • People will Judged

    If you were going into a interview for a job and you have a disability that you are aware or unaware of your employer asked to see your genetic code(DNA) and they realize that you have a disability and they just decide to drop just because of it's not right.

    People will not hire some people because they are different or so-called "not-normal" which is ridiculous and it's pretty screwed up if you ask me so I believe your employer has no right what so ever to see your genetic code because they could easily say "well I don't want to hire this person because they have allergies, asthma, diabetes,ect.....But in all honesty no they have no right because people judge and this society is very judgmental

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