Should your grades in school (1st-12th) matter if you can't go to college?

Asked by: BlueSpark
  • I think it should anyways.

    College is something CAN be taken, it's not as if you have to take it. I mean, pretty much at least 90% of people would be freaking retards, not even knowing what retard even means. I honestly don't know what kind of question this is. I mean, these grades are absolutely essential to at least ensure that students have to ability to succeed in life. Whether they do or not is their choice.

  • If you choose to be an idiot

    Later in life, that's your business. No, a first grader cannot say "screw these grades, I'm not going to college". How does that make sense. But if you get to your senior year and blow it off because flipping burgers is your dream, that's your choice. I'd vote no if it said 11th and 12th, not 1st-12th.

  • The question says "can't go to college."

    So I'm assuming this applies to students who plan on entering the workforce immediately after graduating instead of pursuing higher education or vocational training. In that case, grades shouldn't matter as long as the student met the criteria to graduate grade 12. What should be more important is relevant work/volunteer experience. Most kids with high marks will be the types who plan to go on to post secondary anyways.

    Additionally, any marks below grade 10 shouldn't count towards anything, even college applications. Classes below that point are so general and easy that they're not really indicative of any sort of comprehension or knowledge retention.

  • No grades allowed

    Grades shouldn't affect the way you live. If it did, it would give us a hard time to concentrate in school if you wanted a good college or not. You would struggle in school and might as well get suspended or even worse, might as well get expelled more than once

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