Should your healthcare provider tell you if they have an STD?

  • Should you know or not?

    My opinion is it all depends on who are you are dealing with. If you want to know, then you should ask. But I don’t think it’s necessary unless they are dealing with your food. But most people are afraid that the disease will be spread not that a certain person that has the disease.

  • If its contagious

    If my sex partner had aids, I would wanna know. Your doctor should be just as close to you. If I cant catch it then that's OK, but if its aids or hepatitis c every person needs to disclose that information. My mom had hepatitis c from a blood transfusion and when she found out we never shared the same anything. Not telling someone you have a horrible disease could put that persons life in jeopardy. Plain murder!

  • Why is it important for you to know?

    They have the same right to privacy as the patient has. There are so many precautions taken to make sure that you or your doctor does not contract a disease from each other. If you will notice whenever a healthcare provider is going to come into direct contact with you they always wear gloves. And afterwards hand sanitizer is put on. By the way STD stands for sexually transmitted diseases. So unless you are having sex with your doctor you do not need to know.

  • Why should they?

    What they do or don't do has no impact on the healthcare they provide. I work in healthcare and most of us are carriers for many infections just because we treat people who have gotten them. There is no reason that a patient needs to know the personal, legally protected health records of their healthcare providers. It has no impact on the care you receive.

  • Not unless they're going to have sex with you

    It's none of my business whether my healthcare provider has an STD unless we're going to have sex. I think if we're going to have sex they should tell me. Otherwise, it's none of my business. I mean if we're not going to have sex, then I don't need to know.

  • Of course not.

    This is an absolute invasion of privacy. Healthcare providers are required to practice rigorous sanitation procedures anyway, and by definition STDs are SEXUALLY transmitted. Unless your healthcare provider plans on having sex with you, his or her STD status is absolutely none of your business. It is a dangerous slippery slope to go down to suggest anyone should have to disclose their health information.

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