Should your parents be able to take away/ground you from things YOU bought?

Asked by: GuitarGod17
  • They are paying your way.

    Since your parents pay for your food, shelter, healthcare, and just about everything else then yeah, they have that right. (I'm assuming that we are talking about minors who live with their parents.) As long as someone else is paying your way, they have the right to take away something even if you "bought it with your own money." If they were not paying your way you would not have that money to spend on luxuries.

  • Your parents own you

    You belong yo your parents. Its until the age of 18, when you are separated from your parents. Plus, your parents paid your healthcare,home,and other luxurious items for you. So quit whining that just because something happened to you, you lose something that you earned money for. Plus, it was probably for your own good.

  • Honour Thy Father and Mother (Basically, Respect your Parents)

    If you are using your device in an inappropriate way, or you are not listening to your parents' specific instructions/limits/rules/regulations, then they have the right to take it away or ground you from it.
    Your parents are your lifeline, you should be grateful for them, even if they may not treat you the way you'd want them to. They love you and have taught you, and you need them. By respecting/listening to them, such as allowing them to take away your device/keys, etc., you are gaining their trust and allowing them to see that you are mature enough to handle this kind of situation.

  • Someone needs to control you somehow for your family to prosper

    The family is the most basic, and arguably most important, unit of societal structure. The family must collectively function well or the well-being of everyone in it is compromised. As such, someone must have command of the family to ensure the well-being of all by asserting their authority, especially over those who are not yet adults. It's certainly true that not all teenagers or pre-teens are not as mentally capable and as responsible as adults, but rules are necessary for any form of society to work, and experiences shows the various problems with giving teens more autonomy than they are due. If I had children, rest assured they would acquiesce to my slightest wish.

  • I answered yes, but it's not how I operate with my teens.

    Yes, parents have a right to choose what type of discipline is needed for their children... Within reason that is. However after 5 teens I can tell you taking away objects stops working at some point just like standing in a corner or receiving a spanking. Teens respond to reasoning and deserve the chance to grow. Taking away toys teaches kids that material objects should be more important to them than pride and doing the right thing.

  • You worked for it? It’s yours

    I know that your parents need to “care” for you until you become an adult, But what if their agruements are more childish that yours?
    My parents used to always take my phone and iPod when I was younger, But now I make sure that they know that they can NOT do that.
    They- by law, Have to look after you, And care for you.
    They- not by law are allowed or supposed to take your belongings.
    I now have a high end gaming computer, And my mum sneakily takes cords away when I’m working or at school, This shouldn’t be tolerated. This is stealing for something that I had put over 3 years of pay into!
    Therefore I say that if your parents ever takes your device, Or car, Or other belongings, - just remember. It’s not theirs to take. It’s legally your property, You own it, You paid for it. It’s like if you’re Uncle took your phone from you. They aren’t even your immediate family! They have no right to take your stuff!
    Good luck for you all- Your parents love you, If they don’t- talk to someone about that, But if they do$ they’ll understand if you try to reason with them about your belongings and how they can’t take them.

  • Let me argue both sides.

    In some ways, a device that a teen or child uses can be used in a detrimental way. Porn and sexting, or even becoming addicted to the device can be bad in most situations. It comes down the the parents rules and how they want to judge whether the use of the device is inappropriate. If they pay for the phone bill, it's their phone. If they buy you anything, it's theirs. Just because you buy it doesn't mean it's not bad for you. Now the other side of the story. I'm 17, and my father, an aging war vet and alcoholic, doesn't like to talk things out with me. I had my guitar and amp taken because I was playing a little too loud that it woke him up. He took it away along with my phone (which I got back) and my tablet, rather than talking to me about the situation. I had bought the guitar and amp 7 months before with my money. It was under my name, so it was legally mine. I probably won't ever see the d*** thing again (the tablet too), it's been 3 months already, and I've taken to hiding my acoustic (which I bought) in the trunk of my junker car (yes, I bought that too) which he is cosigned. I would have understood if it was the fourth or fifth of even second time I did it, but it wasn't. It's common, especially in my case, that parents will take these things and abuse the power they have. So it all comes down to good parenting as a parent and respecting your parent or guardians a teen or child. Legally, anything you own can be taken regardless of who paid for it, but it should be changed so thar parents cannot confiscate items if they have been paid for by the teen and are not detrimenting their health or well-being. So yes, it should be used as punishment if it is related to the problem, but parents should not take other things if they aren't included in the situation. I now no longer have an electric guitar, amp, or tablet because I woke my dad up on accident. I am not pleased, but I feel like other situations aren't as bad as mine, and vice versa. I would say quit whining but I'm not here to be like my father. Understand your punishment, and know the difference between unjust and just judgement by your guardian. And parents, stop abiding your power to bully your kids, you can do what's right and in their best interest, but do not take things if they aren't becoming a problem. Talk to them, work out a compromise, and if things still don't work out, feel free to do what you need to do. Sorry if this was so long winded but I hope it shed some light on the situation. Thank you for reading.

  • As a minor

    Legally, the majority of a minor's property belongs to the minor's legal guardian (in most cases a parent, or both). So as a minor, the items that you own, even if purchased with your money, belong to your parents. It is their legal right to refuse you access to that item.

  • They Have No Right It Would Be Stealing...

    It would be stealing because they need your permission if they are going to touch whatever it is you bought. And if they are going to ground you for buying it that is just dumb. My parents grounded my brother at 17 for smoking a cigarette. I get grounded for not talking.

  • If you bought it..

    If you buy let's say a car, and you get in trouble, parents shouldn't have the right to take away your keys. This goes for anything though, if you worked for the money you have, and you buy something with it, they shouldn't be able to take it away. I just don't think ANYBODY, including your parents, should have the right to take something that is rightfully yours, no matter how long.

  • No, not really.

    Well, if you bought it with your own money, and it is actually yours, then they shouldn't confiscate it. However, they have their excuses of how you 'actually didn't buy it, they did'. If you bought it, they can't take it away, it's yours to keep. But, this usually depends on the situation.

  • No way in hell

    Who ever payed for it gets it. They didn't pay for it, they don't get it. Parents aren't perfect. Let's say that you work very hard for 5 years for a fast laptop. Then they take it away for ever. That means that you LOST ALL YOUR MONEY and work because your parents are greedy. That would be stealing money you worked for. So that means they broke one of the 10 commandments. I do not let my parents take away my phone. Your teacher shouldn't be able to take away stuff either. If i see a teacher taking something away from someone I would ask them if the payed for it and who took it. Then I would rob it back from him.

  • If it's yours, it's yours. Not theirs.

    People shouldn't just take your stuff because their "Mother" or their "Father". NO! Unacceptable! If your paid for it with hard earned money then they have no right to take it. Taking another teenager's device if they work hard for is no different than being a robber in my opinion.

  • If you bought it you should keep it

    If you saved up all your money to buy something then it is yours and not theirs. And if they took it then it is considered stealing and that is unjust. Parents should not take away their kids things unless the parent had bought it. If the kid bought it then it is his and they have the right to do what they want with it.

  • Nope they can't

    Nope because it's urs and you bought it and they didn't ao they can't take it if you bought it with your own money. Because u worked for your money and you bought it they didn't if they did they can if u did they cant. Parents think they can but they cant

  • Yes and no...

    They should be able to ground you from but not steal your stuff. Imagine if you earned £2500 and someone threw the money into a pond and ripped it up. Same thing. Kids are not a totally different species, just like a puppy is the same animal as a dog.

  • No not at all

    They have no right to take away things away from you because if you earn that money for years buy a laptop and take it away that will be considered stealing. If they took something from me that I bought with my own money I would take something from then (EX. Television). So if this ever happens again take something away from them to see how it feels to get something stolen from you!

  • Money, Jobs, and Names

    If your going to give a kid money, he's going to spent it. Remember though, you freely gave the kid the money or/ He earn it by doing chores, jobs est. So when the kid buys the tablet, he bout it with HIS money, but what matters most of all is if the kid bought it in his name. What I mean by this is if his parent ordered it on amazon but the kid payed for it (so the kid gave the money to the parent and the parent paid amazon), technically the tablet is the parents until the parent obviously gives the tablet ( just like money) to the kid

    Yours Truly
    An annoyed teen

  • You bought it. No questions asked

    First of all you worked for years, months, weeks, or days just to get whatever you wanted. Now if you bought a laptop that costed more than a thousand dollars and your parents take it away that to me is unfair and they don't care if you bought it. It just means that they are saying F you I'm taking it anyways. My parents do that and I hate it so much. I worked SO HARD FOR IT! And yet they have the balls to say I'm taking it away.

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LDPOFODebATeR0328 says2014-10-03T20:20:51.127
It all depends...
3177318 says2014-10-04T09:14:59.080
That will depend on whether you earned that money yourself from working part time or did your parents gave you that money.
SweetTea says2014-10-04T21:38:18.250
I think, it depends upon what "it" is. If you bought booze & you are a minor, then yes they should. If you bought drugs, absolutely yes! If it's a video game ... Hmmm. We purchased the gaming system our kids used. If they lost privileges, it was the gaming system (that we bought) that they lost for a determined amount of time. We bought the car & paid the insurance. We reserved the right to take the keys. I cannot think of a single time that we took away something that our kids purchased. Although, God knows, they had a few CDs that should've been smashed with a hammer -- total crap!
BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T11:32:59.333
Hard question :0