• Yes I think so.

    I put my husband above everyone else in the world, like he does to me. But this doesn't mean we love our mothers any less. I believe that in a true love relationship, you would do anything for your partner, and you would love them and cherish them more than anyone including other family. That's just my point of view. But I don't mean to say that you should then treat your mother like poop either.

  • In the Bible it's said that your Spouse should come before your Mother do you agree?

    In order for the marriage to be solid you have to show your wife that she comes before anything. If you choose your wife over your mother your showing her that you love her more than anything else in this world so I think your spouse should come first over your mother.

  • Try to marry in own age group

    Your spouse should probably not come before your mother. Try to marry in own age group. Why would you marry someone older than your own mom? I guess someone could, it would just make for a real awkward life, particularly when kissing and making out in public. Just my view on things. 감사합니다.

  • Everyone deserved love and respect

    I think being so categorical is no use to anyone. I believe that everyone has their own place in one's personal life, including parents, spouses even pets :P
    I believe putting your spouse before your mother is just as unhealthy and disrespectful as putting your mother before your spouse. Every one has their own place in one's life and deserve love and respect in their own way.

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