Should youth be discouraged from watching cricket?

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  • Cricket is a harmless sport

    Even though I have honestly never played a game of cricket in my life, I have seen it played, and think it is completely harmless. How could our youth be in any real trouble just from watching the game of cricket? Personally, I think it's a completely harmless game to paly.

  • If youth will play cricket they should watch it

    The only reason I see fit for children watching sports is if they partake in them. If they do not, then I don't think that they need to be discouraged, because they will learn that it is stupid on their own. Cricket is a sport to be played, not to be watched, just like any other sport. The fact that adults will sit around and watch cricket and other sports is sad to me. Parents need to grow up and stop watching sports, and do something useful with their time. If their kids want to watch cricket, they are kids, let them do it, as long as it doesn't interfere with their lives.

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