• We need to help the youth

    When we just always let them to have more and more chances, youths will think it is fine to do that stuffs. For example when we lead them to think that crime which is stealing and murdering is fine they will consistently to do the things. Maybe we should water board them to learn some discipline.

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  • In Some Cases

    I believe that youth should be tried as adults, in some cases. The juvenile justice system is useful to a degree and I think it is good that youth get a second chance. However, I do not support them having 3rd, 4th, and 5th chances. I believe if youth are capable of committing multiple crimes before they become adults, then they should face the consequences.

  • If you do adult crime then you should serve adult time

    Yes. Youth should be tried as adults in some cases. If the legal system continues to shelter youths because they are youths, they will move on to be adult offenders. Youths understand the law and they also understand that they will not be punished as they should, so they most likely will continue on the path to become adult offenders.

  • Yes they should

    If they can handle driving then they should be responsible enough to know the consequences. If they can handle driving then they should be responsible enough to know the consequences. If they can handle driving then they should be responsible enough to know the consequences. If they can handle driving then they should be responsible enough to know the consequences.

  • Really? They HAVE to be tried as adults

    Overall, it’s a really good idea for children to be treated as adults. Minors who commit violent crimes should be punished like adults, and learn from their mistakes. Showing responsibility will be a big thing in their life, and gaining trust will be another major thing in their life. A strong reason for this topic is to open up parents eyes, and demonstrate them to be more accountable and secure with their child. People should take this essay in consideration and teach their children the right and wrong choices in life.

  • The crime has still been committed and justice needs to be served.

    The crime, not the criminal's age, should be the one and ONLY factor in determining their sentencing. "Going easy" on a juvenile will never teach them anything but that they can get away with anything simply because the law is on their side. If youths choose to act out like adults, they should be punished accordingly.

  • Do the crime do the time

    I don't think a child needs to be tried as an adult but a young person in their teens often knows very well what they are doing.

    These gangs even try to get the ones under 18 to do crimes knowing full well they won't have to serve time or if they do it will be a cake walk, that needs to stop.

  • If they showed an adult-level understanding in carrying out the crime, yes.

    Children develop at different rates, and this includes developing an understanding of right and wrong (and the consequences of doing right and wrong) at different rates. If it's clear that the youthful offender knew exactly what he or she was doing, and that it was something that was definitely wrong by the standards of society, then there's no reason to not go ahead with a full-fledged adult trial. To do less would be simply to add another loophole to allow criminals to walk free.

  • Youth should not be tried as an adult

    I believe there should be stiff consequences for socially unacceptable behavior but because a juvenile's cognitive, Psychosocial and physical development is not adequately formed I think they need the kinds of rehabilitative and psychological resources that the juvenile system can provide them. In an adult system they will just acquire more criminal knowledge and skills from more experienced adults.

  • To try a youth as an adult is absolutely RIDICULOUS and UNACCEPTABLE

    Legally a youth can be charged as an adult after the age of fourteen. This means that an indvidual who isn't even legally old enough to get a job can receive the consequences of an adult. You're only a kid when they want you to be. If a person can be deemed mature enough to know the consequences of their actions than shouldn't they be able to be deemed responsible enough for the priveleges and responsiblities of an adult? Well, no they shouldn't but this is just an example to show how crazy it is to charge a CHILD who's brain is still developing as someone with a fully developed brain!! No matter how mature someone may act or seem. If the brain, specifically the areas that affect decision making aren't even developed how can someone say they could be on the same level mentally as an adult. Sorry but if the legal age to be an adult is 18 (or 21) then that's the age, nice try though...

  • Youth are not the same as ADULTS

    They are not fully mentally developed and can be rehabilitated. When you throw them into adult prison you are throwing them away forever. Instead of taking in consideration why they have committed this crime. As an example youth who grow up in gang environment or even with gangster parents do not know there is a world besides what has been given to them.

  • Only With Very Violent Crimes

    Youth should only be tried as adults when very violent crimes are committed such as rape and murder. In general, youth criminals should be rehabbed whenever possible with counseling and juvenile detention. While in juvy, convicts should still be given an education so they can get jobs upon their release back into normal society.

  • In very few situations

    There are few crimes so heinous that the youths responsible for them should be tried as adults. I am in favor of it in such situations (like the teenager that intentionally shot a toddler last year), in situations like that, throw everything you can at them. But for the most part, these are mistakes and the youths responsible for them can be redeemed.

  • Youth should not be tried as adults

    Youth should not be tried as adults because they do not have the brain development nor the experiences to be as responsible as adults. This does not mean that youth should not be disciplined for their actions, but punishment should be different than punishment for the adult population. Youth need to learn from their actions so as to understand the consequences of what they do.

  • Children do not have the same mental maturity as adults.

    Youth should not be tried as adults because, although their crimes may be as horrendous as some committed by adults, youth are not mentally as mature as adults. They, therefore, are not capable of assuming full accountability for what they did because they are not capable of comprehending the extent of their crimes on an adult level.

  • Children Have More Aptitude to Rehabilitation

    Youth are still developing their moral compass and have less of a sense of right and wrong. To try them (and subsequently convict them) as adults, just leads to a bigger criminal population and less understanding of what was done wrong. Counseling is not an option when trying as an adult, which is what most of these kids really need.

  • Stay a Kid.

    Youth should not be tried as adults. They are still learning how to become a good member of society and should be able to make mistakes without fully facing the consequences until they are fully able to make the right choices. That takes time, and children need to be given that time.

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