Should Youth of India Join Indian Politics?

Asked by: Gyadav
  • Youth is" success of tomorrow. "

    Youth have a creative and Sharp mind. They can handle any the situation on time. They have creative ideas to make there city or country protective, Neat and clean, They can generate good facilities, Good transportation system, Well roads with zebra crossings and street light's, They can supply free electricity;and free schools and hospitals. So, Youth should join polities.

  • I support this statement ...

    Now that I see the Indian politics is declining drastically I feel the youth should definitely join politics .India is a very young country .Ok now do I mean by a young country ?I am sure that most of us are aware of the fact our country has a lot of population and 60% of our population comprises the youth alone .So far we have merely produced scientists and doctors .Undoubtedly the Indians are very smart and pretty sharp .What about the politics of our country?Why is it that only someone who is corrupt or manages to become corrupt anyway is capable of getting into politics .The youth either ends up studying in an IIT or an IIM .Ofcourse there are a lot of them writing civils and cracking as well .None of us even bother to ponder over such issues .Why? On a very informal note I think the youth can do much better .It is very important now for the youth to take charge of such things.Our youth needs to become more responsible and indulge in serving the country .Why is youth not participating in politics?Even the society should also accept young leaders because I feel they will surely bring in changes in our political system .We need to overcome this .I know it's not going to be an easy task but together surely we can serve the purpose and help our country progress and then call our country developed .Lets not sit back and wait for a wake up call ,the wake up call will never ring in that case .Now is time to act .Its not too late and before it gets too late lets participate actively and make our country a better place to live in !!!

  • Yes ,today India need a big change to show to the world and that change can also possible if youth will going to support.

    I think all we are aware about this India has more than 60% youth generation. And if need to make a change this is a sufficient no. Today all the politician who think that only a aged person can make correct decision and only a experience person can contribute in politics a lot , this is really a myth. Today youth is not participating in politics just because of the criticism and the statement of that kind deliver by the great politician leaders. A person of age 50 or 55 will treat as the child in the field of Politics. I think today we have everything in the favor of youth like IIt’s , IIM’s and many of the great institutions who gave us some great Engineer ,Doctor, Scientist etc. I have a question why don’t we have IIP’s Indian Institute of Politics through which we have such a great leader to serve the country in good manner .So finally I think definitely youth should give their contribution in the sector of Politics.

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