Should youths get charged the same as adults in criminal offenses?

  • In Some Cases

    I believe, in some cases, it is necessary for youth to be charged in the same way as adults in criminal offenses. I believe if a child has a track record with the juvenile justice system and they are continually breaking the law, then they deserve the same punishment as an adult.

  • Adult Penalties for Youths

    In some but not all cases, youths should be charged as adults for their crimes. Many children actually do understand the weight of their crimes, and they often get away with reduced sentences solely based upon their age. With that in mind, sentencing some children as adults makes sense in some cases.

  • Youths should get charged the same as adults in criminal offenses.

    If a minor has committed a major crime, it is appropriate to charge them as adults. If the crime is of an adult nature, then the punishment should be equally severe. The most dangerous criminals need to be removed from society in order to keep the rest of the community safe.

  • Charge them equally.

    I think that all violent crimes should be charged in the same way. There should not be an age barrier to the way that a violent crime is treated in the court of law. I think that many violent youths try to hide behind their age to get away with crime.

  • I don't think they should.

    Kids are kids.... They mess up. No need for a death penalty on a 12 year old. Also let's say do shoot someone on purpose, they are more likely to change with time and counseling then a full grown adult. Kids do have minds of their own, though, and some May never change, but I feel they should be given another chance before given life.

  • They have a life

    Yes they should be held accountable for their actions but they don't deserve death penalty. Some youths do the things they do because of their household. Some were beaten raped and was in the house with drugs. These type of things mess kids minds up. They also develop slower than adults.They make mistakes. They deserve a second chance. They are human beings for Christ sake. They barely even got to live their life.

  • YOUTH RIGHTS america

    No, if we don't have a say in the laws we have to follow, or if we are being taxed without any form of congressional representation, then NO. We should NOT be tried as adults until we are adults. THIS SOCIETY IS BEING PREJUDICE. WE SHOULD NOT BE TRIED AS ADULTS IF WE PAY TAXES TO A GOVERNMENT W/O REPRESENTATION.

  • Only in Extreme Cases

    Youths should only be charged as adults in extremely violent cases of murder, rape and assault. Most kids know the difference between right and wrong, it's just sometimes they make a mistake they regret later. Children shouldn't be given stiff sentences for things like petty theft or jaywalking. Beating someone up or doing illegal drugs is another matter.

  • Youths Should Not be Charged as Adults

    No, youths should not be charged as adults in criminal offenses. A youth's brain is not yet fully developed, so the youth cannot truly understand the consequences of his/her actions as can an adult. Thus, charging a youth as an adult seems like it would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

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