• Youtube IS a job

    If you can make a decent income it would be considered a job.The definition of job is a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid. The task and piece of work is the video and the editing that goes into the video. That requires background knowledge and requires a creative mind. Then from that, you get paid for the creativity and effort you put into it.

  • Youtube is a job

    Youtubers are entertainers. There's a demand for their content, people want to see them. They provide a service to the community, and since they do, they should get paid. It may be upsetting to some, but they do get paid for doing what they love, even if it is minimal effort.

  • Youtube is a job

    Youtubers are entertainers. They provide a service to the public. If there's a demand for the youtuber's content, they get paid because people want to see them. Even if it's upsetting that they get paid for doing so little, good for them for being able to find something they love to do whilst being paid.

  • Of Course it is.

    Jobs come in many ways, and I think its a good way for those who didn't go to college or the education needed to get a job to actually get a job on Youtube. It helps people who don't have jobs get jobs. It also allows others to see the view points of other people and learn things.

  • I believe so

    I believe since you get paid for advertising and showing products and being stupid online it should be classified as a job like acting or being a director of a movie. Though many people consider it stupid and not "a real job" it should be. Even if it's not a high-paying job it still is a job

  • It absolutely is not

    Just because someone is given money (yes given) for something doesn't make it a job, I could see otherwise if someone were using it to promote a service they provide but not for those who use it as an excuse to stay at home and take the easy way out. Just as well, because someone may end up putting multiple ours into something doesn't make it a job either, if I spend 70 hours a week watching television do I deserve to get paid for that as well? So time invested does not always equal effort and does not qualify as a job.

  • It isn't a formal job

    While youtube can come about as a relatively large source of finance for many due to advert monetisation, this doesn't serve as a valid argument for saying that being a youtuber is a job. I could say that it is a hobby that you can make money out of, but if it truly was a job, you would be protected by legislatory laws like not being able to work more than 40 hours a week. As you know, youtube doesn't accept any responsibility for the injury of youtubers. If being a youtuber was really a job, Google would have gotten fined many millions of dollars at this point in time.

    This is why I think being a youtuber is not a formal job.

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